Only one more step


Juliet has gone. Everyone is leaving. Now, only I and Valor stand. I hope that Valor will not leave. Every since he showed that wing, it gave me horrors. Nightmares of my past. He was standing there, with his arms so strongly tangled that he could burst any moment. We were surrounded by demos. Wherever I looked there were more and more of them. Mostly the ugly ones, or I think that they were called the lesser demons.

One came closer to me. He started touching me. I backed, but as more as I did that the more he came closer. His eyes and mouth were wide open. With his opened arms he rushed at me. The other demons were just laughing. It was horrible... But in that moment, something changed. Valor burst from rage and he stood in front of me. The demon just looked at his his tall and muscular body. In one move he broke the demon head in half and that half he throw near the feet of the others. It was too scary, I couldn't even watch.

The demons became even more nervous and scared. Soon the began running all over the place. Valor rushed at them and one by one he was butchering them. One demon fell on his knees and begged for mercy. Valor came to do the finishing blow, but in that moment I stopped his arm and looked at his face. His anger was gone and from a strong and violent face, it became gentle and soft. He closed his eyes and thanked me. The demon, hardly even moving from fear tried to escape, but in that moment, Valor stopped him.

"You there, you will show us where those two angels are! We don't have anymore time!" The demon moved his head two times, obviously only wanting to come from all that without suffering the same destiny as the others have. We finally entered the dark corridors. The demons were everywhere, but they were just watching us. No demon dared to attack.

"Um, sorry Mr.Demon, but I am interested how far we have to go more?" He said nothing. He just kept moving more and more and looking in front of himself.
"Hey, this lady asked you something. Speak demon!" At that moment he stopped at continued to look down.
"It doesn't matter. V will kill me anyway." We were surprised. I looked at Valor and he seemed that he knows of what person he is talking about.
"V... Do you mean that demon girl? Where is she?"
"You will never succeed fool! Soon that angel will fell and after that the shadows will triumph. And even that angel, Elros, will soon met his death at the hands of my lord."

We were all shocked. What was he talking about. Who's lord and what did talked about that Astrum Angel, Erlos who saved me back in my home. Did something happen to him, or even more... Did something happen to Evelyn. My sight was coming even closer to Valor as his anger was growing more. He understood what the demon was talking about. Grabbing his with both hands he asked that he tells him everything.

After a long break, demon said all. Valor couldn't not wait anymore. Demon saw that and pointed with his finger at the great bay. There Evelyn was, as well as V. We needed to save Eternity as well and we had better chances with her now. But Valor didn't want to hear that. He only wanted to save Evelyn. I didn't want to argue and I began running with him. In that run, I looked behind me and saw as that demon waved his hand and in that moment all other demons came around him and chopped him to death. The treason here came at the high price...

We were running faster and faster. I couldn't anymore keep up with Valor. I stopped and tried to catch breath. Valor noticed that and no matter how fast he wanted to save Evelyn, he returned to help me.
"No Valor, please. You have to go and save Evelyn. There is no time to waste with me."
Valor didn't even want to listen to me. He grabbed me and placed on his back. Even if it all went and even if it looked like we will win this, I couldn't get out of my head the face of Juliet after she surrendered to those demons. What she really wants? I only hope that she is okay.

We finally came to the desired place. All over us was lava and only at one spot was a rock. There was someone at it. Someone we... It is... Evelyn!!! Valor could not believe his eyes. He was flying as fast as he could towards her. As soon as we landed he began running and hugged her as strong as he could.
"Evelyn, we worried so much about you! I am so glad that nothing happened to you. We..." Something wasn't right. He stopped speaking and in that moment Evelyn looked at him. Her eyes were different... What happened?!

"Valor, you idiot! You never listen! Now what you always wanted will come to you! You shall met your end!" She hit Valor as strong as she could. He flew all that to me. After a while he stood up but couldn't believe his eyes. What has gotten to her. Is she really Evelyn...?
I hope that this was alright.^^ I wanted to add a little drama there and especially at the end when he finally sees Evelyn. You can add later how she became evil and how the shadows came to her in your Fox part. I can't wait to see your next post! :D