✿ Eternity ✿

Chained to a tree as I was, I couldn't stop that meanie head demon chick from kicking me over and over again. Wincing silently in pain, I wanted to do something, anything, to halt the hurt that I was now feeling, but it was impossible. I was helpless.

And it was all my fault, in a way, but still, I hadn't seen them coming in the first place! The audacity these shameless demons had to just come up to Cloud 9 and snatch an angel from the streets. Was it really that easy to break the barrier?!

The purple-eyed demon walked away, her hips swaying with each step. I wondered how in the world she was able to walk with one foot directly in front of the other without tripping and falling. I guess it came with being a demon. Ignoring the sharp stinging in my stomach, I lifted my head and looked around the place.

Nothing too menacing, just a vast open field dotted with leave-less trees. Their bare branches seemed to reach up towards the ceiling, begging to be released from Hell. Well, that was exactly how I was feeling, too!

Suddenly, a loud noise sounded from the direction in which the demon girl had exited this cavern, and I ached to be able to move from my spot, not chained to a tree. I mentally stuck my tongue out at them. The sounds of battle immediately proceeded after the initial sound, and I bit the bottom of my lip in nervous anticipation. If they were fighting against their own kind, well, that was fine with me. But what if it was an angel...

After a few more minutes anxiously awaiting the outcome of the battle, I heard a shrill cry and a loud thump. What the heck could that have been?! And in walked the silver-haired chick who had just kicked me moments ago. Behind her, a golden-eyed boy with magnificent black wings that were at least three times the size of his body carried a girl in his arms.

A very familiar girl.

"Evie!" I cried, wishing desperately to see any signs of life on her pale face. There was a large gash across her chest that was bleeding profusely, the silver and sparkling blood of an angel. A trail of blood was left behind her, and the demon carrying her held her in front of him carefully as if he were going to be infected by her purity.

"Just give it up, you're all done for and so is the human race," female demon sneered, motioning for her partner to throw Evelyn on the floor next to me. I knew the guy from last time as Fox, but the girl I had never seen before. She must have been a pretty powerful demon, though, I could tell by the powerful dark aura she emitted.

"That's a lie!" I fired back, narrowing my eyes angrily. "Good always prevails!"

Fox chuckled and shook his head, while the girl just scoffed. "What kind of fairy tails do they read for you up on Cloud 9? The dreams? The false ones? Honestly, you fools are ignorant as you are repulsive."

With that, she turned on her heel once more, leaving Evelyn bleeding badly beside me. I was helpless, with my arms tied above me. They had gone numb at least ten minutes ago, and now felt like lead. If I didn't get blood back into them soon, who knew what would happen...

But I was more concerned about Evelyn. She must have come down here in the attempt to save me... But why did she come alone?! Valor was in no condition to rescue me, but there was still Erlos... Where had he gone to, again? And when was he coming back? He'd sure be useful in this situation!

I gently nudged Ev with my toe, and she groaned in response, but other than that made no other movements or sounds. Oh gosh, she must have been in so much pain! My fingers twitched, itching to be released from the chains binding them to the pure white bark of the tree.

Suddenly, a chill went down my spine. The temperature must have dropped at least twenty degrees, for all of a sudden I was shivering. While before the heat was unbearable, this chilling cold was just as bad, freezing me to the very core. My hazel eyes scanned the perimeter of the area, but there was nothing. Nothing but creepy shadows cast upon the ground from the pulsating light of lava veins in the cavern walls. This place was nothing but creepy in the first place...

A noise from beside me fixed my attention in Evelyn's direction, and I watched with increasing concern as she writhed and convulsed about the ground, wrapped in numerous shadows. The dark shapes had encircled her body, snaking up her legs and around her like boa constrictors preparing for dinner. My eyes widened in horror as she opened her mouth and let out a terrifying scream that resonated throughout the large space we were in.

And then her wound healed.

And then she sat up.

With an overflowing joy, I cried, "Evelyn! What happened to you?!" It was all so confusing I completely forgot about the shadows for a moment, but something was happening to Evelyn. Something was... Off.

From the very tips of her sharp, angular wings, the colors of the feathers were changing. From glowing white they shifted, first to a light gray, and slowly, ever so slowly, to a midnight black. So dark I had to turn my eyes away.

One thing I could not help but gaze at were her beautifully green eyes, that were now shadowed by an ominous darkness. The emeralds that they were hardened into cold stones, and even Evelyn's dark hair got longer, turning a blacker color than I could have imagined.

Breathtaking... And threatening. She looked down at my coldly, sizing me up. When she spotted the chains that were tying me to the tree, a sadistic grin played on the corners of her lips, but she said nothing. Just turned towards the exit to the cavern, just as another very familiar face jogged inside.

It was Valor this time, running towards Evelyn with joyously relieved eyes.
"Evelyn, we worried so much about you! I am so glad that nothing happened to you. We..." He paused and faltered mid-step, noticing something slightly off about Evelyn. Was it the hard, uncaring stare she was giving him? Or those wings... Those once pure wings that now radiated of such evil even I was forced to cringe.

"Valor, you idiot! You never listen! Now what you always wanted will come to you! You shall met your end!" Ev suddenly screeched, slapping Valor across the face. Gone was the icy indifference, now she looked like a girl who had just been betrayed. An innocent, deceived girl.

What had happened to my precious Evelyn? The girl in question stormed out of the cave, but Valor just stood in his place, completely paralyzed. His eyes found mine, but they seemed to pierce right through me. It was as if he wasn't registering my presence, and I was equally as shocked by what had just happened mere seconds ago.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be. Good always wins in the movies... right? So what now? What happens next?


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