Divine battle


I could see blood... It was everywhere. Blood falling down from my arm. Darkness was covering my eyes. I was falling in a sleep, a deep sleep. There is nothing I can do now. There is not turn back. Is this really the end?

At that time while I was falling, I was thinking about that. By now, I haven't felt any stronger blow. These demons can grow so much in power! I need to warn the others. But as soon as I tried to stay up, the demon made a quick attack and with his razor sharp metal hand, he cut my leg. Immediately I fell down. He was walking around me, observing...

"You fool! Have you really thought that you can defeat me? No, that is impossible! I am Merlox, the lord of the Crux clan. You shall bow down to me angel." He came closer to me grabbing my head and looking directly in my eyes.

"I shall bow to no one, you demon! You don't serve that. Go back to the darkest pits where you belong!!" I pushed him with my other hand and made a step back. I managed to stand up and then I pulled back again my glorious sword. The sword shined and hit the demon in his eyes. He became blind for the moment and that was my chance to escape and try to reorganize.

I pulled back my wings and made a quick attack at him throwing him all the way into the buildings there. I turned my head and saw the old elder. I need to pick him and get away from here. I could her the huge dust and noise coming from the building that Merlox hit. How could he recover so fast... This was not good! I rushed as quick as I could, grabbed the elder and made my way towards the sky. Merlox was coming behind me.

We moved and moved and the whole time through the clouds, trying to avoid him. But no matter how much I tried, he in his second demon form was too quick for me.
"I am sorry old man. I guess this is it for us!" In all the mist, I looked down and looked at him with little smile.
"You can always expect hope even from those that would never come in your aid." He remained calm while he was telling me this. What could it mean?! Then I remembered... The Angel Sweepers!

If I actually come over the town and if I let that people see me, they will detect me as well and send an armada against me. In that moment, a smile came across my face. I felt like there is still chance, still hope that we come alive from this. I turned my head and noticed that Merlox is out of his patience. He was enjoying chasing us around, but it looks like that he gaining in speed. I need to fool him.

"Hold well old man, this is going to be a little shaky!" He shake his head and I know what to do. I stop instantly and moved towards Merlox. He was just laughing, obviously knowing that I don't stand a chance in this condition. But actually I needed to fool him. I charged with all force at him and with my sword at front. He made a defense state and was waiting for the counter attack. But in that moment I stopped with all force, hold the old man from not falling and hit and hard as I could with my wings and went up in the sky.

Merlox was furious because of that, but it gave me enough time to hurry up with all my strength towards the central hall. As I was flying I could feel that I am getting weaker and weaker. The sunshine hit me hard in the face. At that moment I almost fell, but the old man hold me and pulled my head up!

"Hold yourself, young lad!" He looked quite cheerful in whole this situation.
"How can you... Never mind, but we need to hurry, that Merlox is almost before us!"

I could hear loud noise coming from the back. Merlox was furious, he tried with everything to catch us. No matter how fast I flied, at the end he came close enough and kicked me back down the ground.
I could see the old man falling in front of me. With last of my strength of my wings, I made a twist, grabbed his arm and in last moment stopped. It was really close.

But as I turned, all around me were people. They all were watching us. Now... it is the time.
"What is angel idiot! What do you think that you will do here. I shall crush you together with all those people. You will... Huh, what is this?!"
Hundreds of Angel Sweepers came in that moment at town square. All of them were ready to attack. I could see a very familiar face. It was Proximus...
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So we shall now see what with happen with Erlos. Maybe they will actually help him, who knows... xD