The end of a gallant night

When I see this world now I see my first phase as an otaku on this site... It has been more than a year and a half since my last post and the world and the story for it ended without actually ending itself.

As for my surprise this world gained now almost 3.000 views while it didn't have even 1.000 before the last post was posted. I want to thank everyone who took their time to view this world and also to thank Hulaberry32 for being a partner and co-writer in this story.

Now it is finished and even though Hulaberry is no more active here I will put the final post in respect to that. It will be a short story of several paragraphs only showing the epilogue and how the setting of this world came to an end. It happens just after the final battle of the war between angels and demons and the truce that they made. It will be more of a nostalgic and a ceremonial post. I hope that you will enjoy it and you enjoyed all before it~!

~||~ Everyone ~||~

A glowing hand filled with desire and sorrow pulled out of the shadow of the floating city. White creatures were coming down from it and in the dreams of all
Earthlings who came out of their houses to watch as the fire and ashes of war drifted away.

The white creatures released their light petals which was falling from the sky like the white memory snow. Fire was no more... It was extinguished by those who made it and those who keep it. The Earth was in chaos, but much of that gave a birth to a new life..

As the final light petals finished their journey so did the new one begin. Flowers started emerging from the seeds of new grown plants. Earthlings were in shock seeing how time passes fast in front of their eyes like cosmos creating a new universe and yet their just stood in the harmony of life.

It was then that Julia and Hime, and Floria and Leon lost their once gained powers. It was then that hope emerged and that the forbidden love was only allowed for this one moment. Evelyn, Valor, Elros, Fox, Devion, Veronia, Merlox, Eternity, all of caught a glimpse of that moment of happiness and saw as everything around them swiftly went away.

Moment of celebration, but also grief for their fallen comrades was at the time, though for that and the story of continuing is left for our own dreams.. We humans possess an ability to change our fate, to change our destiny and to overcome every weakness. Angels and demons showed us that strength. We may watch them as their being their everlasting war for balance and that small moment of peace and love...

The journey may have ended for our brave heroes, but their hearts will never frail as the spirit of humans will never give up...

~ In thanks to everyone who put their time and will to help someone and to help shape not only theirs, but their own destiny as well.