Enter Genji Tarot

Today was my first day at Ouran Academy. I was able to pass he entrance exam (with a apparently high score) and come on a scholership. I knew it would be tough to spend a year with spoiled brats but I never knew what I was getting myself by simply walking into my homeroom.
In the first year class room D
"Welcome class. If you would please settle down I would like to introduce you to our new student, Ms. Genji Tarrot."
"It's Tarot not Tarrot. There's no extra r and the t is silent. You know like tarot cards." I rolled my eyes. I was sick of people always getting my last name wrong.
"Sorry... Ms. Tarot you are aware that the girl students are to wear the girl unifroms right?" I looked down at the boys uniform I was wearing.
"I asked the man when enrolled if I could wear the boys uniform and he agreed."
"*cough* Very well, Ms. Tarot is our new transfer student please make her comfortable. Ms. Tarot please take the empty seat next to Kaoru."
The boy who obviously Kaoru since he had the only available seat next to him raised his hand and said, "Sir I'm Hikaru, He's Kaoru." Then he pointed to another boy, who must have had been his twin, sit two seats to his left.waved and gave a devilish smile. The girls around him goggled at him when he smiled. I just became sick to my stomach.
"Oh sorry Hikaru, Ms. Tarot..."
"Ya, ya, ya, I know please sit next to Hikaru please." I ha already started making my way towards the desk. When I sat down the boy turned to me.
"Genji Tarot, what a stupid name."
"Hikaru is a stupid name, you don't see me saying it." That's when I turned to him and said with alittle smirk, "Oh sorry." Both words dripping with sarcasm.
Hikaru just glared at me and his twin, Kaoru giggled. I leaned over so I could get a better look at him.
"What are giggling about, Kaoru is just as stupid. I mean really Hikaru and Kaoru? Who ever named you two had to of been on something."
Kaoru stopped giggling and now they were both glaring at me. I turned and pretended not pay attention to the and to pay attention to the teacher.
"Alright class get into your groups and work on your projects. Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi since your group doesn't have a fourth member yet Ms. Tarot shall join yours. Please fill her in on what to do."
"OVER MY DEAD BODY!" The two twins said in unison and protest.
"Haruhi do you have a problem with having Ms. Tarot in your group."
"No." answered the 'boy' that was sitting between the twins.
"You were supposed to say yes Haruhi!" The twins yelled at 'him'.
"Well you two are just going to have to deal with having Ms. Tarot in your group. Besides Ms. Tarot got as high a score as Haruhi did. I would think most students would want the smartest people in the class in their group to do a project with. And besides you're with her whether or not you like it or not."
The twins just grumbled as I walked over to where they were.
"Okay let's just put our differences aside and just get this project over and done with. So what is the project any way?" I asked looking at Haruhi.
"We have to a create a believable ecosystem, describe it in detail and make a model."
"Ooooo. Arts and crafts alright! So what's the battle plan."
"There is no battle," Hikaru replied snarkly.
"It's just a stupid project." Kaoru finished for his brother.
"Grrrr." It was from that point on that I knew things would be frustrating. I just never knew that it would also make things easier.

This is what Genji looks like:http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj28/Tieshima/Genji.jpg