I'm back!

Hey guys! It's been a while...I've been so busy and yanno life's always trying to bring me down and stuff...*sighs* Anyway, I should hopefully be on here more often now, though I'm usually on my 19 Twitter RP accounts... ^^;; but yeah...
Also, if none of you have. WATCH Dr. Horrible's AND TELL ME YOU DON'T SEE RUSSIA AND AMERICA.

Accounts everywhere~

RL: @RussiaSexual

Russias (10):
Russia (original): @ThisIsVodkaaa

POW!Rus: @Ivan_No085032

Blind!Rus: @BlindVodka

Psychic (Supernatural)!Rus: @PsychicRus

New! Greed!Rus: @GreedyRossiya

Contractor!Rus: @VodkaContractor

WWII Soldier!Rus: @RedSoldierIvan

Blue Beast!Rus: @BlueBeastIvan

New/brought back! Zombitalia!Rus: @VodkaAndZombies

Vengeful Spirit (Supernatural)!Rus: @BloodySnowRus

Zeldatalia (2):
Navi!America: @ListenToTheHero

Vio!Poland: @TotallyVioPol

Ukraine (3):
Male!Ukraine: @MaleUkraine

Chibi!M!Ukraine: @ChibiUkraine

New! House of Seasons!M!Ukraine: @ZimaUkraina

New! Male!Liechtenstein: @Shy_Noah

(Human) Penguins of Madagascar:
Human!Kowalski: @KowalskiScience

Halo: Reach OC: @Sierra_236

deviantART: TimberWulfe

Youtube: WolfOfAnarchy23

S-so Cold... ><

-shivering- It's always as cold as Russia's home in my house...I wish we could turn the heat up but we don't have much money...which SUCKS

Art Mid-Term Exam

Tomorrow is my Art I mid-term, which is a presentation of Himaruya Hidekaz's biography. If you know Hetalia, he's the creator (I'm pretty sure most of you on here already know that...XDD). He also created Chibisan Date, Sasume Kitakou! Housoubo (don't remember how to spell it) and Barjona Bombers (again, I'm not sure how many already know that, but some of you may have known about it...XDD).