Heys, i'm gokuhappymonkey, an otaku fan and a friend to all!! feel free to contact me to talk, for I may not know much, but I will still be there 2 listen!!! Don't let Kenren or Sanzo stop you from seeing this one of a kind Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho or other anime superstore!!! :) (I sound like a salesman...) Enjoy the peaceful enviroment!!! *dances*

My Profile!! (Take it, Hiei!)

Name:Gokuhappymonkey (Goku)
Birthday:February 23
Favorite Anime(s):Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Houshin Engi, Hunter x Hunter, etc.
Current Songs I like(Updated!):

  • A Proof of Birth, Itsuka Dodoka De (Nataku, HEngi)
    Sweet Devil, Syoujo Misui (Vocaloid)
    Hyper Drive(YGO 5D's dub opening)
    (and more!)

Dreams: Be a Manga Writer/Artist, Meet Greg Ayers and Chuck Huber, and go to Japan.
Favorite Anime Charas: Hiei(YYH), Goku(Saiyuki), Kai Hiwatari(Beyblade), Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada(Sengoku Basara), Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), and Nataku and Raishinshi (Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter) {STILL too many 2 list}

*side note: any images or videos posted on this world are not mine and used for entertainment purposes or promotional use for that artist ONLY, unless otherwise stated that they are in fact mine.*

Len and Rin Kagamine: Mikigata no Chou

As many of you may notice, I found out how to get youtube vids on the posts, so I thought I'd show off a vid of one of my favorite Vocaloid songs, Mikigata no Chou, by Len and Rin Kagamine(though Rin's hard to hear...) I hope you like!

Funny Vid YYH

This video I found on Youtube is apparently a spoof on the fact that too many guys are in Yu Yu Hakusho. If it's inappropriate, let me know. But it's not all that bad, I swear! Only a few swear words, but a lot of hilarity. Enjoy!

Quizzes...not easy...

I want to do a quiz, but it seems like so much to work with! It seems sooo simple when you do one for fun, but making one seems so much harder. To top it all off, I wouldn't have a clue what to make one of! I mean, I know plenty of anime and manga (not the best at knowledge), but it's hard to figure out a unique quiz no one has done before...I might get it sooner or later. For now, I have a lot more things coming up, so be prepared! (a large shield would be nice...)

Worlds are tough...*smiles*

Hey, all! I made a new world just before the new system, and already I can't keep up! I really should have thought this through...*sighs*. Anyway, I just got the red trophy for my ecards thanks to my Neku entry. Now I have 103 ecards for people to enjoy!(or not, that's cool...)Gotta go, enjoy the entertainment!!

Fan comics and their uses

Hey, I'm sure a lot of you noticed my fan comics! Well, I mainly made them in order to get used to the whole "manga" thing. You see, I want to be a manga novelist/artist someday, so I've been brushing up on manga panels and whatnot. I feel I've improved, but in terms of some things, I still need improvement. The problems I still face are hands, feet, proportions, and sometimes eye placement, but it's just a matter of process. Wish me luck on major improvement!!