Soul Eater Escape: The Landing in the New World part one

“This makes no sense!!”
I scream at the top of my lungs as I find myself sitting in a dark alleyway. It was nothing I had ever seen before, dark and fanatical, like something out of a book. I stand up and brush the dust from my clothes, then walk out of the alleyway to see a large, bustling city. The buildings are tall and dark within the moon light….wait!
That moon….I thought to myself, It looks like its smiling and laughing! I want to go home!
THUMP! I hit the ground after being hit in the head by a solid object. I rub my head in pain, ready to curse at whatever hit me.
“Why you little-! Hey…who are you? Why do you look so…familiar…”
A kid no older than thirteen looks up at me, holding his foot in pain. I begin to think that his foot may have been the thing that hit me. I sigh, knowing I’ll feel bad if I yell at him, so I rub my head and turn to leave.
“Hey! Are you a tourist? A small word of advice; you may want to leave! After all, this is Death City!”
Death City….I heard of that name before, but I couldn’t remember where…in fact, I couldn’t even remember my name! Am I a tourist? Do I even belong here? As I thought over the strange predicament I was in, a large, bladed creature came at me and the kid, mouth open and slobbering for a meal. The kid leaped up and grabbed me by my waist, running and hopping off of walls as quick as a cheetah. He dropped me off at a large and creepy looking school (if it even was a school), and raced back out to where all the action occurred.
“Greetings, child! Are you lost? Or maybe you want to join the DWMA?”
I felt my heart leap out of my chest. A tall reaper thing was staring at me! He sounded nice enough, but I was scared of how he looked most of all! This whole place frightened me!
“I believe she’s just a little frightened, Lord Death.” A man who looked like he had been torn apart and re-sewn stepped up next to the reaper. A dark screw or bolt was sticking out of his head. He touched my forehead and sighed.
“Poor kid, doesn’t even know who she is. She may make a fine specimen…ha ha…”
I felt that he was kidding, but deep inside, something was telling me he was all too serious.