Hello all~
Salem is gonna try to come back to TheOtaku!
This world will be a bit of a journal of sorts.


I gotta work on comics!
I gotta work on comics, but I have no juice to go!

I'm trying to force it, I have time off for a while, need to get it done!


I don't like many Spanish songs, the majority of the ones I hear are too loud and fast.
But every now and then I find one that is soft, slow, and ANGELIC!!!!
I can't stop listening to this!

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I dream of murder~

So this is what happened (in dream)

My dad, brother and I were driving around, we decided to get some soda at a gas station. I don't know where it was, but it was some where rural.
Everyone in there seemed to know everyone in there.

there was this one autistic guy (I say autistic be cause he was showing a lot of mannerisms my brother had, though this guy was not as severe)
And everyone else was talking to him like he was a well known buddy.

I ignored everyone and went straight to the soda machine (dad and brother waited in the car, as per usual) As I was filling up the cups I noticed the autistic guy has helped him self into my purse. Naturally I yelled at him "Hey! Get out of there!"
He backed up and I could see he had my credit card, so I tried to get it back from him but he laughed like it was a game and kept darting away.


The guy slipped out the door and I yell "Call the police! That man just stole my Credit card!"

That seemed to get their stupid asses in gear. The manager or what ever who knew the guy brought him back. Now the guy had two handfuls of credit cards. the manager told me to take mine. I looked through and did not see it.
And now I was pissed, if these guys knew THIS guy, they should of stopped him from doing that shit. but it looked to me like they let him get away with it all the time (hence the huge stack of cards).

I was so mad I cussed out all the workers and left with out any soda.

Then it happened, I saw the autistic guy get killed.
I don't mean dream me was there, It was like a scene from a movie.

Dream me heard about it the next day on the news.
Naturally I felt bad, but it was not my fault, we were already miles and miles away....
I watched some of the local interviews about it and everyone were the people who were working in the store. And they were really swerving around questions.
Not like they were protecting the killer, but like they were afraid of whoever it was.

As I was thinking "Wow, those people are really screwed up, I thought they all were friends" My "Dad" who was now some great detective, started talking about how "This seems familiar, like that one killer"
I said "Good thing you don't have to be involved in this case, eh?"
he said "Yeah, I need a good break from working"

I then remembered about my missing credit card. I told my, now detective, Dad that we would have to cancel it as soon as possible because of what happened.

A little later, I got a text message from the killer.
The text asked what I wanted 'File of the victim getting killed' 'File of the victims mother' 'location of the murder' or 'Identity of the murderer'

I freaked out and figured, the guy who stole my credit card, dropped it, and the killer picked it up and is now going to terrorize me till he gets the chance to kill me.

I told my detective dad, "Looks like we might be involved afterall" and showed him the text. he told me this was a serial killer, "the M.O. was way too similar", and he will do his best to mess with my mind before actually coming after me...

I woke up after that, right after my 'not so great of a detective after all' dad told me to answer with "Identity of the murderer"
No thanks... All that means is he will start showing up all over the place...


while I was awake for real I got a text and right away got that ol' sinking feeling. I really didn't want to read it, but it turned out it was just my grand ma, letting me know a package came to her house for my dad.

Living off of...

A small paycheck every month is not good for someone like me who likes to eat...
If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I will do is buy (well a house first) A fridge and make sure it is FILLED TO THE BRIM, with veggies and good meat.
Living off of hot dogs and rice is killing me, *cries*