This is your life,
Your purpose on this Earth is not to please me.
Nor is it to fulfill your parents unrealized dreams.
You were not placed here to make concessions so that they could be proud,
So they could brag about their seed,
Fulfill some unfulfilled childhood emotional need
Let them be proud of their very own deeds
This is your life!
I came to shine light into the dark
And like a dog against a hydrant, I am leaving my mark!
We were not sent here to invest in someone else’s idea of what we should be
The complacent life does not stimulate me.
So forgive me if I feel no compassion
For those poor souls who live to follow the fashion.
Because if you want to live a life that’s neither limited nor ration,
Then by God you must pursue your passion.
They will tell you that it can’t be done
As though you were delivered unto this world for your song to go unsung.
Let the world scream that unattainable theme
But for you, there is no such thing as an impossible dream.
Ain’t no mystery, check the history
Examine the life of Oprah Winfrey,
Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi.
Remember what they told Walt Disney?
They said, “Young man you must be blind
You must have lost your rodent loving mind!
No one would ever pay to be entertained by a mouse
Or anything of that kind.”
Now Disney is worth more than everyone in this room…combined!
Pursue your passion!
Steven Spielberg was kicked out of the University of Southern California
Film School because his grades weren’t good enough.
Pursue your passion!
Russell Simmons refused to sign Madonna
Because he thought she had no talent.
Pursue your passion!

Brandy’s teacher told her she was too ugly to be an actress.
Pursue your passion!
Bill Cosby used to shine shoes in front of Temple University.
Pursue your passion!

Michael Jordan was benched on his basketball team in High school
Pursue your passion!
Larry Bird was benched his entire freshman year of college.
Pursue your passion!
Here is proof that greatness is born out of zero doubt
In 1962 Decca Records dismissed four young musicians
Told them that groups with guitars were on their way out.
They left without a contract
But refused to walk on pins and needles
Months later they released their first album
And called themselves, “The Beatles”
Pursue your passion!
Colonel Sanders was 65 when he fried his first piece of chicken,
Made millions after he convinced us that it was finger lickin’.
Pursue your passion!
Lauren Hill was booed at the Apollo
Pursue your passion!
Luther Vandross was booed off the Apollo
Not once, not twice, but three times!
You’ve got to keep coming back ladies and gentlemen.
Forget the limitations set by your fellow man,
Because when you pursue your passion,
Provision will be provided for your plan!
Let others lead small lives, but not you.
Let others be satisfied with the crumbs, but not you.
Let others sit around and be chronic complainers, but not you.
Let others be volunteers victims, but not you!
Let others be imprisoned by their fears, but not you.
Let others use their race, their gender,
Their sexual orientation as a crutch, but not you.
Let others be concerned about what the neighbors
Might think, say or do. but this is not for you!
Leave that for the politicians, the governors,
Start caring about other people’s opinion
And you’ll become their prisoner.
This is about a lifestyle that uniquely fits.
Life is God’s gift to you,
Style is what you make out of it.
Whatever you’re passionate about, the perfection of that craft can be learned
So with the obstacles of this world be not concerned
Because if you set yourself on fire
The world will come watch you burn.
So now that you know that impossible is a word
Found in the dictionary of fools.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
What two things do you want said about you when you die?
I never listened to what the pessimists are telling me
Because I know that the richest place on the planet is the cemetery.
There you will find books that were never written,
Loved ones that were never forgiven,
Ideas that were smitten
And dreams that were forbidden.
Soil that was never tilled, cathedrals that were never built!
Restaurants that were never opened
Chefs that never knew they were smoking.
Paintings that were never drawn nor hung,
Songs that were neither composed nor sung
Souls that never acted on what they really wanted to do
So don’t you dare die with your greatness buried within you!
The sperm that fertilized your egg
Survived the odds of 400 million to one.
Get it? Your sperm won!
As long as you live, you will never face such dramatic odds,
Now tell me that ain’t proof you’re favored by God.
You’re greater than any obstacle that can make you hysterical
So don’t you dare leave without your miracle.
It’s all an illusion, don’t you invest in their lies
Their forecast of economic woes and financial demise.
The Universe has an infinite supply, so no need to lie when I testify
That regardless of the economy, you cannot be denied!
It matters not if they raise the terrorist threat level
To hot pink, burgundy or fuchsia
You were born to control your future!
Don’t let ‘em fool you.
You were born to win, destined to be great
Magnificence was chiseled into your heart,
When God made you he was just showing off!
Discover your divine assignment and you’ll have no reason to retreat
Discover your passion and you’ll laugh in the face of defeat.
Indifferent to the pressures felt and you do not buckle like a belt.
Declare today that you refuse to lose
Because you can either live your dreams,
Or you can live your excuse!
So even when I’m old and grey,
I’ll still be commanding the stage,
Words still be smoking off the page.
So understand…this ain’t no phase!
Because everyday I learn a new lesson,
My best poem has yet to be written
And I’m not leaving until what I came to give has been given.
99 on the mic and I’ll still be spittin’ Still be rippin’
Still be giving, Still be driven So let my tombstone read:
Here lies Kirk and he died…LIVING