Yes everyone knows us as the 3 legendary sannin, 3 disciples of Sarutobi Sensei, and the most powerful ninjas in konoha. Demon Snake, Pervy Toad, Hothead Slug, whatever you call us, you call us. We each went our seperate ways but back then was... *shudders* okay. Jiraya was always picking a fight, Tsunade was the cheerful one in the group, and i... was the quietest. But i kept my ground when protecting Tsunade. Even the old man himself said i was the strongest out of us 3. I was too bent up on bloddlust of power and revenge i actually forgot one thing... the people who treated me with kindess and respect.
This world is only for the legendary 3 sannin, their followers, disciples, students, fans... i'm sad to say but if i had any... which nobody would want to be.
Have fun browsing around and ask us any questions if you want to. Just Pm us.
Have a... good day.

First Post- Poker

What did me and Jiraya tell her what the game rules was and what happened if you bet? Especially when Jiraya chose the game strip poker. She still did not learn and that is why she lost nearly all of her clothes all for Jiraya's excitement. Tsunade... when will you ever learn not to bet when playing a game that not only against me and Jiraya but with Jiraya choosing the game?

Maybe you'll learn to never play strip poker with us again.