Hi, I haven't been on here in ages. :> I was drawing the sapphire tears comic before, but my style has changed quite a lot, and I now have a new fandom, so I am going to discontinue it. Dx

I still LOVE Tsubasa, but since I found a game called *Harvest Moon, More Friends of Mineral Town* It has had a chain reaction on me. I now have joined SEVERAL Harvest moon groups, own several games, and am planning on doing some fanart for it. :) My ALL TIME fave Harvest Moon game is Tree of Tranquility. <3 Also, my second fandom is... hamtaro. xD I just think its adorable. I even have my own hamsona ^.^

I have just moved into a new house, and I am very very busy u_u. So I am tired all the time, and lazy. But even through all that, My urge to draw is probably stronger than ever. :D