College is out for the summer ^_^

I have been SO EXTREMELY busy for the past year. I got a small break around Christmas time, but not long enough to do much. This summer I am focusing on being out of the house as much as possible, but when I am here I am going to devote time to art because I haven't been able to draw much this year, and I was starting to loose my enthusiasm and imagination for it. After 3 drawings *in 2 days* I feel completely happy that I can draw again, and I love every moment of it. I can't promise I'll be super active on here cause lets face it, This site still confuses the crud out of me. xD Check my DeviantArt : for new art, and things not related to fan art. Lately I have mostly been drawing original things, so I haven't posted much on here because of that.

By the way, The image is the most recent one. I drew it yesterday and I'm pretty happy with it for being my first time trying that style. I like not using lines. ^_^ It's super tiring though cause you have to do so much shading. It took me roughly 10 hours to complete. And I did it all in one sitting too o.o;; it didn't feel like that much time went by, but I was sick with allergies so I was kind of out of it anyway. :P

These are some results to quizzes which I'm posting randomly:
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