It's over

Okay, this is a sad rant, I'm literally on the brink of tears ;~;

So I've been friends with two people for a really long time, one longer than the other but still, we would all hang out in chat and share tons of laughs and everything. We were, "the trio". That's what it felt like! It was as if there was no one else in chat at the tie because that's just how much fun we had! They were actually closer to each other than to me most times, but I didn't mind since I thought they were always going to be there! But then things happened, and feelings got hurt, and one of them practically hated me and I felt terrible about the whole thing since it was technically my fault... everything was a complete mess. Eventually, we worked things out and we were "the trio" again but there was always something floating around us that I just couldn't describe... we just weren't the same... and for the past couple of weeks they've been arguing on and off about miscellaneous something or other and it's just been escalating ._. tonight they finally had their big blow out and I'm sitting there, trying to talk to both of them because, DAMMIT, I LOVE THOSE TWO! They're my friends and they used to be friends with each other... now, they're calling each other names and yelling at each other and it's all really unpleasant ._. I told both of them that I felt like they were getting divorced or something... and I was the child that couldn't do anything about it... so here I sit, practically sobbing, hoping DESPRETELY that they'll at least tie up this loose end, one's going to bed soon and they both just ended this... I can't talk about this anymore...

Loup, Felix... I'll miss our Trio ;~;

xoxo, Alex