What is Seanatonin?

Here are some questions I get asked a few times a week:

What is Seanatonin?
Seanatonin is my inner chikara, or strength, that finds logical and illogical sides to things in life. It also starts mocking the old cartoons from the 1980s and has a thirst for knowledge and inner peace.

Is Seanatonin something else besides being my inner spiritual self?
Yes it is. Seanatonin is my radio show on a radio co-operative in my hometown called Rossland Radio Co-operative. You can can listen to my show on Saturdays at 8 PM (PST) on the website at http://www.rosslandradio.com/ (if you miss the episode, you can download it from the archioves) or if you are in Rossland, BC: you can tune in on 101.1 FM between 3 pm and 12 am every day. Seanatonin is a themed show.

What songs to I play:
Seanatonin is a '80 music and classic rock show with a partial Japanese influence that a a different theme each week. For example: One week, I'll play Japanese music; then the folloing week, I'll play all cover songs.

How many listeners do I get?
It varies from week to week.