My accomplishments on Radio

Since I started my radio career almost five years ago, I have accomplished a few things on air and I am gonna tell you about them here.

I had the first interview on Rossland Radio Cooperative with an muisic icon who had a big hit in the summer of 1986 for the animated movie Transformers (Twenty five years this summer!!!). He was Stan BUsh and the song was The Touch. We talked about his album and Transformers.

My show Seanatonin is my new show but I have been doing different shows over the past few years. The first show I did was called "the Chunin Show" and I tweaked it just a little by calling it "Chunin's Corner" in which I played 80s music. Then I had Tao of Sen, a show taht I play clasic rock and has top ten list and a Japanese word of the week. After a few months, I fused them together. Now, for little over two seasons now, I have been doin Seanatonin and it is a '80 music and classic rock show with a partial Japanese influence

My anniversary show for my radio shows is always the first Saturday in August, in which it is always the weekend before my birthday. But in 2013, my birthday will be on a Saturday thanks to 2012 being a leap year.