Summer recap/partial Fall recap

Over the past few months, I celebrated two events withing two weeks. One was my sixth anniversary on Rossland Radio and my 30th birthday. I have been doing my radio show on Rossland Radio six years and it has been pretty awesome. I played different styles of music and on one episode, I played a Japanese techno cover of Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song. During one episode, I played Japanese bands singing in English and made my fans liked it.

During the fall, I watched a Roller Derby Championship in my hometown and the local team won 198 to 70. I know that it was one sided. At least last year's game was better due to the game was close. That score was 291 to 286.

Halloween is coming up and I got my costume set. Halloween is something I look for and I have to one up for costumes. One year, I dressed as Chuck Norris for Halloween and it is hard to out do that one.