here part 1

i already stared on it for my anime book and hope you like it

Morning arrives as Moon awakes, ugh, I get sick from last night," she said. Moon began to get dressed in her school clothes, then left. While she was walking, someone suddenly came up behind Moon. It was her best friend Jade "Hay, Moon! Where were you last night?" Jade asked. Moon sighed "Jade, you know I'm busy at night." I know Jade replied. "But I really wish you could hang out with me at night. I wish I could...when Moon and Jade arrived at school, Jade noticed a new boy sitting at his desk. She also saw that he would be next to Moon. Jade began talking to Lin, one of the girls in their class. "Who's that?"Jade asked, looking towards the new student. He's new, "Lin answered. The bell rang then, and the teacher called the new boy up to the front of the room. "Class, introduce you Ray, she said. When Moon looked at Ray, she saw a cute boy with black hair, deep blue eyes, and cute pale skin. Moon began felt something strange, like never before in her heart that making her face red, and then she remembered something ... then, she quickly looked away. "Hi,” a voice suddenly said next to her. " my name's Ray if you heard. What's yours? "Uh, Moon, "she squeaked, trying to hide her red face.”That’s cute! Ray said, smiling and laughing. Moon tried to ignore Ray for the rest of the school day. Finally, the bell rang. Moon jump from her seat, and ran out of the room and kept going until Jade caught up with her. "Hay why are you running?" Jade asked. "And what's up with the red faces?” then she realized. "Oh! You like that new boy, Ray, don't? "I do not! Moon said, looking appalled. “You do too! Jade taunted, smiling knowingly. "You should ask him out!" "What? No! "Moon replied" “I just can't, you wouldn't understand” Moon said, Moon took off running, blushing and embarrassed. In the middle of running to her house, Moon heard someone call her name; she stopped abruptly and turned to see Ray running to her. Blushing furiously but trying to hide it, Moon asked, "what are you doing here" Ray bowed down, took a deep breath, and holding the item up, he said "you forgot your book.” Realizing this, Moon reached out to grab the forgotten text from his hand. "Thanks, she replied. But how did you know where I live " Ray Looked confused for a few seconds before asking, " Oh I like live a couple houses down from you. "Well, I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?" Ray said "ok! Moon held her book happily, as she was walking home feeling happy about Ray but Moon realize something and feel sad. A week when by Moon was try to avoid him but it was not so easy. Morning came Moon got up and walks out her house. Then Moon heart races when she saw Ray at her gate. "Ray! Want are you doing here? "Moon said surprised “I thought I can walk with you to school” ask Ray,” well you can I have to wait for Jade. Moon said, "Oh about Jade she said to me she when to school early to get work done. Dang that Jade Moon thought in her head, "well? Let’s get going, “Ray said as they are waking Ray asking questions as Moon trying answer them without looking at him, when they got to school. "See you in class “Moon said while running off. Moon got to a place where she sat down," that’s was close I thought I was going faint with my blood presser this low, " I like him but with my..." before she said anymore Jade jump out of the corner and freak out Moon."Jade! Moon yells "you know I have low blood presser on certain days!"I know, sorry but, how was the walk with Ray Jade asked you seat it up! I hate when you do that Moon yell “I know you like him, why can't you tell him are you afraid to get rejected?” said Jade angry " Ray just wouldn’t' understand my problem like the other person did and I don't want that to happen again Moon yell. Then Moon runs of crying, as she was running she started to feel dizzy. Oh no I have to get home early, said Moon trying to keep her balance from falling. Just before she got out Moon bump into some one, she look it was Ray " asking Ray, before Moon was going to say anything she collapse on to the floor "Moon! Yells Ray. When Moon wake up she was in the nurse office and notice it was almost dark "Oh crap! Moon gets up and tries to get out, still feeling dizzy but Ray was blocking the door. "Moon are you feeling well you shouldn't up that that fast Ray said" get out of the way Ray I have to get home! "Moon said and pushes him and runs out from school. Through the park Ray catches up with her "Moon! Was going on? Why are you all way running away from me don't you like me because like you, Moon blushing at that. "It's not that, Moon said” then was it's it? Ray asked. Before she could say anything it got dark and Ray saw Moon transform in to something with red eyes, sharp fangs, sharp nails and severely pale skin. When Ray was about to say something when Moon freak out and started crying." Please don't be scared of me I was places with this curse that's why I was running from you, just run way like the other person did and don't tell anyone!” Just leave me be! “Moon cry out. Then she felt his arms around her " I'm not scared of you and I don't care what you are, I just what you to be ok and I care for you. Ray said deeply. When Moon herd this she stop crying and wraparound her arms around him. Moon said, thank you, and I will tell you everything. "That’s sounds great "Ray said. But little did they know they were being watch by two people with red eyes in the dark......

Cursed night part 2

so she found someone that not scared of her “the finger 1 said….. Could he break the… No! “Said other one” well he may could “said finger 1” “maybe he can or not we just have to keep a eye on him and make sure she stay that way we need her soon “the other one said as two people with red eyes in the dark watch then as Moon and Ray sat down and was quite for while then Ray said “so you’re a vampire? He said “well… I’m am a normal during day with side effects like low blood presser when I need blood and don’t like the sun when some times but don’t burn me other than that I’m normal but when the sun go down I become like this a true vampire said Moon “why is that and how you became a vampire? Is that did you bit by one and became like this? He said “no my mom and dad said it’s a cursed” she said “a cursed?? How can a cursed turn you into a vampire? Ray said in question “I don’t know mom and dad said a mysterious women came at are home when I was still in mom stomach said “we need you with something important I place your child with a cursed the mysterious women said “then there a flash there out like a light when they came too she was gone” Moon said “wow that hard to believe, do you believe that” Ray said “well all that has happen I do but there are some things unanswered why am I place with this cursed, and what for” Moon said “well want do your parents think” Ray said “well they ok with they still love me and there trying to find why to break the cursed but I think mom and dad hiding something from me about this cursed, I ask about my cursed they change the question or say the same thing I place with this cursed” said Moon “maybe overwhelmed with this and like to keep you and them as long as they can” Ray said “ think they may be hiding something but I don’t know you maybe your right they try to keep things happy with this” Moon said smile “so other than your mom and dad does anyone know about this” Ray said “no one but you, my mom and dad said not say anything about it ever sent I try to let some of my good friends to know my secret when I was little but they didn’t take it well they were scared of me they try to hurt me and call me a monster lucky my mom can do a little magic and erase their memories then we had to move so I can’t tell anyone even my best friend Jade so I need you keep it a secret” Moon said “ok I will and try to help you and protect you from getting hurt” Ray said holding her hand. Moon Blushing furiously try look away and put her hand behind her back “we should go home it getting late I think your mom dad are looking for you” Moon said “your right let’s get going” Ray said as Moon and Ray got up Moon stared to feel vary dizzy and her throat got very dry “are you ok” Ray said in worry tone “don’t come near me even am I’m normal but I’m still a vampire so I need blood one a month if I don’t get any blood I don’t feel well and cant control myself in till I get some” Mon said trying to keep her from falling “well take my blood” Ray said as held his arm moon look and Blush and turn away “no I can’t I don’t want to” Moon trying to control herself from snapping then attacking “I don’t care I what to help you” Ray said as he smile Moon try to hold to but could not take it so she when to his neck “so sorry” she said “it ok” he said then bite on is neck as the night shy stay beautiful when it was over Moon got tired fell asleep and Ray was caring her on his back heading to her home . “what are we going to do about that I don’t what her fall in more love with him” finger 2 said “I know that but I think it can work to are advantage in some way” finger 1 said “ya but what if it doesn’t and he break the cursed” “well from keep on from happening look like we are going to school we need befriend her anyway for our plan” finger 1 “oh good it been long time I been in school ” finger 2 as they laughing into the night
To be continue

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