i am the lone wolf of life. only one loves me. i dwell in a sector of the twilight zone... Where The Black wind Howls....

Guess what?

Im Back!!!!! and i was in hell like this:

yall dont even understand. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!
but seriously im back and im soooooooo sorry for not being around for yalls birthdays. so sorry.

and this is jus funny:

yo yo yo ppls im sorry

ive been busy and not by a computer. im so sorry for the inconvient ness of this one not being on or answeing yalls stuff back i ve also missed so many birthdays its no even funny. thank yall for sticking with me.


Yo ppls im sorry.

Hey ppl. im sorry. i got in trouble and i wont be on for a long long time... a long time. im sad. sorry i havent been able to answer also.

~ I appologize.

the funny thing is...

My world decription is more of a bear than a wolf. and im more like a bear any way. i like bears. they are solitary and protective. plus they can maul almost anything. and when they love. they love heavily.

yep sounds bout like me....

Yo Im sooo sorry

So ppls. i was failing english 2 so my parental units took all my electronics. im sory to the ppls birthdays i missed and im sorry for replying so late. worse yet (for yall) is im going to a family reunion and have no idea when ill be back. im really sorry guys. Gomen. Gomen.