Earthquake update

so... no, it's not what you were expecting :/ I would love to say "don't worry guys it's all over and I'm ok", but I can't :(

today we had another strong quake. it was around 9 am, and I was at school. it wasn't as scary as the previous one, even if they're almost equal.. but maybe it was because it was not night, and I was in company of my friends. the teachers let us go home at 9,30 after waiting a bit outside... the train were very late (obviously) but I was able to get home anyway. I was really worried aboout a friend of mine, the epicentre was really near her town, but luckily all her family is ok, and they said this night they'll sleep in the car :/
later, at 1 pm another quake came but it lasted only a couple of seconds.
my aunt came back to us, (she left just yesterday evening), and she was crying, 'cause part of the roof of her house fall down. no major damage, but still.. she was very traumatized! and I can believe it... ;(
the situation in general is not the best, a town is literally sinking down in a "sea" of sand and mud, and other are destroyed. other people died, all workers :/
they say it's because the Appennini chain is moving. couldn't that damn mountains wait 100 years more?! damn them <.<

plus the damn government isn't helping. the 2nd of June is an holiday, to remember the foundation of the Italian Republic. every year it's celebrated by a great militar parade. this year, we were asking for help. not just us, all the regions of Italy were; we asked to not celebrate this year, to use the money for helping those who lost a relative, or even lost the house.
but what was the answer of the president? "no, we'll make the parade anyway, it's to celebrate the republic, to make the people see it's strong even in this situation; we'll hold the cerimony while thinking of the victims."
strong my ass!!! =_= what do I say: we have a fucking IDIOT to rule our country. all of them are idiots!!! no one is safe!!! >.< they dwell in their wealth, not caring one bit about us!! they said they won't make us pay taxes... for now, because when it's over we'll have to pay what we missed!!!! they should all burn in hell!!
ok.. sorry for this rant... I just need to stress-relieve myself :/

anyway I wanted to thank you all the one who asked me if I was ok and worried about me :) thank you, everybody :) what would I do without you?
special thanks goes to
-MangaKid, Aisha, Toyotami kun, Spectre and Omnia1 ^^
thaks a lot guys, I really really appreciated you help :) you made me feel a lot better :)

I shall keep the earthquake movements updated, in case you were wondering what's happening.

thanks for your support :)