Taking requests! + earthquake update

ok... I have many reasons for this:
1) I have to distract myself
2) I need to work more for a school project XD
3) I feel like doing it

so... if anyone want to ask me something, just do it ok? I'll draw everything: OCs, animals, landscapes... whatever you may ask :)
for now I feel like taking 7 requests, because 7 is one of my fav numbers X3

1) -Zuzu Uchiha -> OC Zuzu
2) -MangaKid -> Kurosaki and Teru from Dengaki Daisy
3) -Blindlover713 -> OC Dante
4) -xNotUnderstood -> Delin
5) -Eneko -> Nyarth
6) -Clueless101 -> Patrick

any questions? just ask :)

------ ------

to the ones who are wondering... with the earthquake problem... now we feel only light shocks, and the stronger ones lasts just 2-3 seconds ^^
so, I'm starting to hope it's gonna be over soon :) even if I know it'll last for a month or more :/ but nothing to worry about!!
thanks to all my friends, who helped me with their prayers and friendship :) thanks guys, what would I do without you? ^w^