FWIT: Elements Within

Chapter 3: Truth

Zeke disappeared before Kara could utter another word.

"Elements of Fire". The words ran through her mind. Just like what Borta said.

"You're the Element of Fire!" Borta cried. "The Element of Fire is one of four Elements that are to save the world from the darker elements."

"The Element of Fire has a tattoo of a red and yellow flame on the back side of their thigh after encountering flames! They cannot be harmed by ordinary flames either!"

The old nut bag wasn't crazy after all! Kara thought.

Kara rushed out of the building. She raced past houses and gardens and bewildered adults. Voices of adults followed her, telling her to get back to school. She didn't listen.

She was huffing as she went but the drive to get there was too great to let her stop.

Kara eventually came to the mansion she was at yesterday. Kara huffed as she stood several meters from the front of the house. After a minute, she ran to the door and banged hard.

"I need to see Borta," Kara screamed. "Open up!"

The door opened to reveal a maid. "Yes, madam? Do you have business with Lady Borta?" she asked.

"Yes! I need to see her right away!" Kara cried. "It's urgent!" she added quickly.

"Right away, madam!" the maid cried. She moved sideways and opened the door so Kara could come in.

It was too slow for Kara. She bolted through the door, pushing it open as she ran through it. The poor maid nearly fell on the floor. Before she could call for Kara to take off her shoes, the girl was gone.

Kara rushed through the mansion, past butlers and maids that shrieked. Kara was bound to find Borta somewhere near the café. She quickly became lost and asked the nearest person where Borta was.

"She's in her study," the butler said in a boring voice.

"Where's that?" Kara asked in a rushed voice.

"That's on the second floor in the west wing but no visitors are allowed there at this time."

Kara ignored what the butler said. She rushed past him toward the nearest stairs. West wing! she nearly exclaimed as she turned left at the top of the stairs.

Unlike Kara's first visit, she raced through the hallways not caring about what was art or the fashionable rug. She just ran and stopped at every door and yanked it open to only find empty rooms.

She finally came to the end of the west wing with one last door. Kara yanked it open and bursted through.

"Borta!" she cried.

"Yes?" the woman's voice asked. Borta was sitting behind a desk. The study was huge lined with bookshelves packed with books. The desk stood in front a double panned window that was just as tall as the wall and two arms lengths long.

"Oh! Kara! You–"

"Borta, you're right! I believe you!" Kara cut in. "You're right!"

Borta was flabbergasted. "Huh?" she asked.

"You're right about the elements of whatever-they-are!" Kara cried. "Someone claiming that he was an Element of Fire has just killed everyone in my school!" Tears began to well up in Kara's eyes.

Borta stood up. She walked over to Kara and looked her in the eye. "Who killed your entire school?"

"He said his name was Zeke," Kara sniffed.

Borta's face became hard. "He has appeared," she said gravely. "Zeke is the darker version of the Element of Fire."

"Darker version?" Kara asked. She looked up at the woman.

"Yes," she replied. "There are two versions of the Elements. A good version and a darker version. There are a total of eight being of the Elements– fire, ice, wind and thunder.

Zeke is known as the Moon Fire Element, he is inhabited by the darker half of the Fire Element. You are the lighter half of the Fire Element."

Kara nodded. "I must stop him before he kills more innocent people."

"That you must," Borta said. "It is your destiny to before he destroys all humans in this world!"

"All non-shaman people, right?" Kara asked.

"Yes, he believes that all non-shaman beings don't belong in this world. In order to get ride of the 'problem', he kills humans. In order to achieve this he will enter a contest called the Shaman Fight where shamans and spirits battle against each other and become Shaman King."

"What must I do to stop him?" Kara said. Her face had become tear streaked and determined.

"Come with me," she said. Borta turned and began to walk towards the door. Kara followed. Borta took her to a room in the east wing past several halls that looked the same.

The two eventually came to a large oak door. Borta opened the door to reveal a dark room. Kara walked in first. The light flipped on to reveal a small room with several Native American artifacts.

"What's this?" Kara asked. She picked up an old book with several pictures of people and what looked like odd looking animals.

"The truth. Come over here." Borta was standing by a glass case. She grabbed several items and handed one to Kara.

Kara checked it over. It appeared to be a small ball with decorations of stars and symbols that looked like the tattoo that Kara had.

The ball suddenly shuddered. Kara jumped. In a flash of light a heavy animal was standing in front of her.

The animal was a dog like creature with red fur, yellow front legs and big rabbit like ears. It stared at her with ash black eyes.

Kara took a step back. "What's that?" she cried, jabbing a finger at the animal.

"That's a fire Spirare. It is a spirit with a physical body and can preform things a spirit can do. She is your partner," Borta explained.

Kara looked at the animal curiously. She bent down and picked it up. The Spirare blinked at her and began to purr. "It's kinda cute," Kara whispered. "I'll name you Hikaru."

"There is one more thing." Borta picked up a leather pendent with a ruby hanging off of it. "This will help you tap into you shamanic powers."

Kara shifted Hikaru into one arm and took the trinket from Borta. "All you have to say is 'Fire Maiden' and you can tap into your shamanic powers," she continued.

"This is your destiny: find the other Elements and defeat the Moon Elements."

"Right," Kara said. Then she realized something. "How can I find them?"

Borta laughed. "You will sense their presence. Search through out the world and you'll find them."

"This is going to be tougher than I thought," Kara muttered.

"Of course it won't be, Kara! Saving the world isn't a walk in the park," Borta said. "But the book there has hints on where they might be. Wind is said to be in 'where we live'. Thunder is said to be 'in the land of the sun'. Ice is said to be 'in the land of steel and mystic monsters'."

"Well, where is the legend from?" Kara asked.

"America, of course," Borta answered.

"'Land of the Sun' is a translated from Nihongo– which is an other name for Japan and 'the land of steel and mystic monsters' has to refer to a modern city with mystic monsters. When it says 'mystic monsters, it must mean a game like Duel Monsters." Kara remembered the game that many of her fellow classmates had played. "Duel Monsters is a popular game in Domino City!" Kara had also heard of how famous it was in Domino City from the people who were fond over the game.

"Well, now time to look for the other Elements!" Kara cried.

"Take these with you," Borta said. Borta handed Kara a small bag. "These are for the others. When you come acrossed them, tell them everything I told you and give them the Spirare eggs and the trinkets to them."

Kara took the bag. She nodded, "Right."

An adventure that decides the future of the world! Sounds both full-filling and dangerous. Sounds fun!

Part 1: Fire