FWIT: Elements Within

Part 2: Wind
Chapter 1: Sonic

"Face it, Sonic," Eggman cried. "You'll never win this time!"

"Oh, yeah?" came a cocky voice. Suddenly a blue streak smashed it's way through the robot. It then exploded. Parts from the robot began raining down.

"What?" Eggman cried. "How were you–?"

The blue streak jumped and landed on Eggman's hovering vehicle. A blue hedgehog grinned mischievously. "You'll never get it will you?" he said.

Eggman became peeved and glared at Sonic. He pressed a button.

"Oh?" Sonic said. A tiny machine popped out of the his ship and headed towards the frightened crowd. All scattered but one stopped in middle rush.

Sonic zoomed after it. He curled himself into a ball and crashed through the machine. He landed neatly next to the girl. She turned toward him in surprise. Her green eyes widened in bewilderment.

She had long brown hair and wore a blue uniform. The girl quickly gathered herself. "Thank you!" she gasped.

Sonic chuckled. "No problem," he said before he jumped toward Eggman, who was now trying to make his escape. Sonic landed meekly on top of Eggman's head. The sudden weight of the blue hedgehog pushed the mad scientist's head downward.

"Ouch!" he cried.

"Why don't you give up, Eggman?" Sonic mocked.

Eggman mumbled something. Sonic leaned in to hear what he was saying. "Huh? What's that?" Sonic asked.

Eggman quickly raised his head and outstretched his arms. This sent Sonic flying towards the ground.

The wind began to stir. A blast of wind caught Sonic making his decent slower to the ground. What was that? Sonic wondered as he floated to the ground.

Sonic could hear Eggman fume from several meters up. "You've won this round, hedgehog! Next time you'll lose!" he cried.

"Blah!" Sonic said. "You always say that, but it never comes true."

Sonic then headed for home in a blue blur with another battle won.