FWIT: Elements Within

Chapter 2: Information

The room was silent as Kara thought to herself. "How should I begin?" she mumbled.

"Who are these special people your looking for?" Yugi suggested. "Why don't you begin with that?"

"Alright," Kara took Yugi's suggestion. "These people are know as Elements. They can control fire, ice, wind, or thunder. I am the Fire element and my friend is the Wind element."

"What am I then?" Yugi interrupted.

"The Ice element; we still need to find the Thunder element." Kara paused. "Your taking this much more easily than I or Sonic did." She laughed.

Sonic? He must be the Wind Element, he thought. "Please continue."

"The Ice Element has a sky blue diamond tattoo on their shoulder, if I'm not mistaken," Kara said, putting a finger to her mouth and staring upward as if to search her memories.

Yugi flinched slightly but Kara didn't notice. Yugi had a tattoo just like it on his left shoulder that he had gotten the winter after the Duelist Kingdom tournament. How did she know that? he thought, staring at her.

"So," Kara said moving on. "The enemy is a shaman boy that's my age named Zeke, who just so happens to my darker version.

"There are four darker elements known as the Moon elements that are the Sun elements' exact opposites. They aim to win a tournament known as the Shaman Fight. Who ever wins the Shaman Fight is the ruler of the world. If the Moon elements win, then all hope is lost– they will destroy all non-shaman people," Kara finished.

Yugi stared at her with wide eyes and his mouth agape. This is nothing like what we've saved everyone from! The thing with Dartz, was something like this but he meant to destroy everyone, not a selected many!

"Oh! I almost forgot!" Kara exclaimed. She bent down and shuffled around in a bag that was concealed under the table by her feet.

When she came up, she rolled two items across the table.

"What's this?" Yugi asked as he picked up the items. One was a small tenis-ball sized item and a silver bracelet with sky blue crystal around the band.

"They're yours, if you want them," Kara said. "If you accept your destiny," she added in a solemn voice.

Yugi nodded. "I'm the only one who can do what is said to do, right? Why? Why not?" Yugi said. "I accept, without a shadow of a doubt."

The little ball began to glow a soft glow. A small animal that looked like a sky blue wolf cub with dark eyes was sitting on the table in front of Yugi.

Yugi cocked it's head to the side. "What is this thing?"

"That would be a Spirare, an animal that contains spirit and animal traits. This would be the Ice Spirare. I have one as well and so does Sonic. Mine right now is outside in the back," Kara said casually.

There was a sudden crash from the living room followed by a frantic voice. "Kara! Need you, NOW!"

"Seems like she's here," came a second voice. This one was more mild and relaxed.

"Zeke," Kara hissed, running to the living room. Yugi followed. What now?