Chunin Trials: Chapter Two

This is a collaborative fan fiction written by wallpaperotaku and lunesoldier20. It focuses on an alternate reality in which pirates and ninjas fight for supremacy. In the midst of the upcoming chunin exams, an ancient treasure has been discovered in Kanoha that will change the rules of the test. With title and wealth on the line, what will happen when the chunin exam is sabotaged by an unknown ninja/pirate team?

Chapter 2

Dumbledore entered the council room. The other ninja Kage rulers and pirate War Lords were waiting inside sitting around a round table, their guards sitting behind them in case of fowl play. Dumbledore, the Hokage of Konohagakure, sat in the empty seat, his guards following him.

“Sorry for my lateness,” he apologized, smiling and looking at the other Kages over his half moon spectacles. “I had to do something before I could leave.”

The Raikage was the first to speak up. “Now is not the time for ideal chatter, Dumbledore! Who is to get the treasure?”

“Of course the pirates,” answered a pirate War Lord.

“No, it is the shinobi’s treasure, scum!” barked another Kage. He rose suddenly, toppling his chair over.

“Please, sit,” Dumbledore said calmly. “For now the treasure is sealed away. We shall decide as a group who it should go to.”

“The sea ward people!” the War Lords exclaimed immediately.

“Not to you scurvy sea dogs!” several of the Kages shouted. “It is to the shinobis! Pirates began as shinobi, so it is to go to the original people, if you don’t remember, you-“

“Enough!!” shouted the only female pirate War Lord. “Can’t you see zat no matter how nous put it, nous will never decide?”

“She is right,” Dumbledore agreed camly. “I’m sure you have an idea.”

The woman smiled. “Of course,” she answered. “It shall go to the future, non, Dumbledore?”

Dumbledore nodded. “It shall go to the future chunins, both pirates and ninja,” he said, smiling calmly. “Why not doing it by the upcoming Chunin Exams? The winning teams would get it for their village, both pirates and shinobi.”

“It belongs to the ninja, not to those seadogs!” the Raikage said. But everyone else agreed with the terms of the Hokage and the female War Lord. The Raikage was forced to go along with it.

Of course, news flew of the treasure being the prize of the next Chunin exams, reaching as far as the mountains that were several hundred miles from the mountain village and to the islands several miles off the coasts of Konohagakure where Tsubasagakure stood. It even reached the ravine village.

“The Blood Bounty has been found!” cried a weary ninja to the crowd. The people of the lowly village cheered. The hustle and bustle was made as the village’s jonins readied their teams to compete in the next Chunin exams. The dark cloaked figure swept through the crowded streets to the huge manor.

The cloaked figure took off her hood, revealing long black hair. She scanned her whereabouts with her white eyes. Then she jumped away as a ninja landed where she was seconds ago.

“Neji,” she said. “It’s me. There’s no reason to attack me.”

The boy relaxed and came up to the woman. “What is it, mother?” he asked.

“Gather the rest of the clan, the Bloody Bounty has been found,” she informed him. The young ninja’s eyes widened. The great treasure had been found and was now ready for it to go into the right hands. Neji nodded and bowed before running off to find the rest of his kin.


“You have all passed the graduation exam,” said the teacher of the school. “So now you will know your teams and team leaders.”

Luma stretched. “Hooray!!” she exclaimed. The blue haired girl looked around the room at who could be in her team. I hope Paul’s in my team, she thought with stars in her eyes.

Misty, a pirate that sat next to Luma, smiled as well. She began hoping for decent teammates as well. Her eyes fell on Ash and she bit her lip as he looked her way with a huge grin. Rock Lee, a dark haired boy with huge eye brows, face went red out of jealousy. Why does Misty not look my way? he thought.

Paul was farther down in the row. He felt all the girls' eyes fall on him and the boy sitting next to him, Uchiha Sasuke. The two didn’t really care who was on their team as long as they didn’t get in their way.

The sensei started going through the team names: “Team 4: Ino, Shikamaru, Choji. Team 6: Sasuke, Paul, and Dawn.” Several girls booed. Dawn’s head banged against the desk as she groaned.

“Team 8: Luma, Rock Lee, and Misty.” Luma and Misty grinned at each other and collapsed hands. Rock Lee silently celebrated and glared down at all the boys that were sulking, especially Ash.

“Team 10: Harry, Naruto, and Ash.” Ash looked at his teammates with a half frown. Naruto Uzumaki frowned and was mumbling something and Harry just shrugged.

The rest of the teams were read off. They then were assigned to go to certain places to meet their senseis. Luma, Misty, and a posing Rock Lee were assigned to go to a training ground near the boarder of the village. On the walk there, the two girls talked.

“I can’t believe that we were paired together as a team!” Misty said joyfully.

“I can’t believe it either!” Luma agreed. “Poor Dawn has to deal with Sasuke. It kinda sucks that I’m not with Paul though, or Naruto.” She frowned.

Misty nodded. “It would have been nice to be in a team with Ash, but who knows what could happen.”

“At least we’re paired together!” Rock Lee said, taking Misty’s hand. “Maybe a beautiful rose of youth will sprout between the three of us!” Misty swiped her hand from Rock Lee.

“I hope we don’t have Guy-sensei for our team master,” Luma whispered to Misty. “Just dealing with one is bad enough.”

“It could be worse,” Misty said. Luma nodded. Rock Lee looked hurtly at the two girls.

A stranger in the trees sighed. “How can these KIDS be my students?” he growled in a gruff voice. “Dumbledore has a horrible sense of humor.” He jumped to the meeting place to wait for his team.

Meanwhile, a boat docked in the bay near Konohagakure.

Whoowa!! Chapter 2 is finally done!! This chapter was written by lunesodlier20 (moi) and the last chapter was done by my partner for this story wallpaperotaku! Make sure to read chapter 1 before this chap.