Two Harry Potter Wallpaper WIPs

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(any suggestions would be lovely)

Since I've recently become hot and bothered re-interested with Severus Snape the Harry Potter series, I've made these two- one wallpaper featuring Severus Snape and a vaguely themed HP wall; not featuring a specific character. But from the looks of it, they died- so it's not Snape, because I'm in steep denial and refuse to believe that his character died. Nagini? What's that? A type of sushi? I have no idea what you're talking about.

By the way, Snape lives a long and beautiful life after the war, and because of his amazing contributions to the Light, every Witch in the world adores him, and now- he's got the bitches linin' up.

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Random African Drawing

Just a doodle I spent a good 30 minutes on.

It started as a male, then it transformed into moon (with a face), and then I shaded it in and made it only a man, and then I added hair and kept adding to it.

I like it quite a bit, when I transfer it on my other PC, I'll see adding more refined details.

Another WIP //not creepy

I'm terrible at drawing hands, seriously. But I'm getting there. D;

Creepy WIP

//can't explain this one either

More Icons!

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1. Halo icon, made with 100% badassery
2. My previous Joker icon
3. Features an image from the BL game 'Sweet Pool'
4. Features the movie District 9. Watch this movie now if you haven't seen it.
5. My current icon featuring Nightwing!
6. A Naruto icon featuring Sasuke in all of his youthful angst. (Inspired by an AMV)

Feel free to use any of these, and remember, I-

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