WIP; No Surprises

I was working on drawing Muraki... however, I sidetracked and start working on this. A bit strange, but the helmet should look familiar and there's going to be a skull in this picture; like my other art.

Title is because I was listening to Radiohead's song 'No Surprises' (Wonderful song.) when this idea came to life.

Some Extra Doodles + WIP

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Just a random doodle, of a demon-type... thingie?
My description skills are legendary.

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This is a doodle of Kakuzu--not sure if I will finish it though.

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And this is my Kakashi WIP; I'm on the fence on wheter or not I should try for something a little more realistic, or to just stick with this + some extra improvements.

New Icons

I've decided to post a few finished icons I plan to use. ; w;
Hopefully I'll get better at making then, in the future.

External Image External Image External Image External Image

  • Created With Gimp 2.6
  • Brushes courtesy of Aethereality.net.

Tomorrow! ._. [WIP]

An art that I'm working on for my mother's birthday,

which is tomorrow.


WIP; Tropics?

A little something I'm working on:

I wanted to try something different while trying to stray away from white backgrounds...

Any suggestions?

And another WIP, from my list---tis' Slade Wilson from Teen Titans:

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