Lists, lists...

Edited once more; gee, I have quite a few things I'd like to draw, don't I?

  • Prince Nuada from Hellboy II
  • Slade Wilson from Teen Titans (In Progress!)
  • Hidan and Kakuzu from Naruto (In Progress!)
  • Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto
  • Muraki Kazutaka from Yami No Matsuei (In Progress!)
  • Kusuriuri "Medicine Seller" from Mononoke (OMFG he's freakin' gorgeous asdfghjkl;')
  • Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen
  • Rorschach from Watchmen
  • Alex Mercer from Prototype
  • Ezio from Assassin's Creed
  • Mukuro and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Nightwing from Teen Titans
  • Seita and Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies
  • Iason and Riki from Ai no Kusabi

External Image

First drawing on my new laptop. I used Paint for this, Paint is so different on Windows 7! There's different brushes, with transparency, but no layers. Still, it's great. <3 (And you can use the 'Undo' button as many times as you want. x3)

Master Chief & WIP

External Image

I felt like drawing Master Chief, don't know why. xD
Very sketchy because his armor is a b*tch to draw. Seriously.

External Image

And my latest WIP---Hidan! <3
This will take a while to complete though. ;~;
*continues drawing*

Doodles, doodles, oh yes.

External Image

A semi (really semi) realistic Ichigo? Meh, either way, I like the colors, including the blood. >.>

External Image

1. Badou, Haine? I've no idea, too crappy to tell.
2. Kakashi! <3
3. Super crappy lookin' Sesshomaru. xD
4. Prince guy, person thing... I think---from a previous doodle.
5. Battosai. = w= My main homeboy, fo shizzle'.

External Image

A doodle I felt like coloring; she's like some sort of sorcerer. :3

Moar Sketches (Fun~!)

My favorite one is the small Joker doodle. x3

I used Open Canvas again. C: (I love the watercolor brush, with a burning passion)

Open Canvas Doodles

I was doodling in Open Canva (with a friend) and this is what happened. xD

Apparnetly, I have a soft spot when it comes to amputees in art. >.> But I really like how I drew the missing arm. > w< I also doodled Kakashi and possibly Mello. o.o Really crappy job with him though. D;