Post contains ghey-ness?! Oh yes.

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It's about freakin' time I drew this guy. I've been trying to make a proper sketch of him for over a month. ;_; I love his shades though. I totally want a pair. x3

It's Giovanni from the manga/anime DOGS.

If you haven't read the manga, or checked out the OVA, your life is incomplete. D<

Now, let's move onto the ghey-ness.

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ItaSasu is actually my all-time favorite pairing for Naruto. It's one of my biggest guilty pleasures. xD I even wrote a small fanfic with this pairing---I'd link you to it... but it's full of innopropriate shota ghey-ness and is not very worksafe... *cough* >.>

This is a WIP. <3

And here is a recent update to my WIP 'Kiss from a Rose', featuring Utena and Anthy from the anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's a really great anime thus far; made of win and amazingly good looking people. I'd seriously tap Touga in a second, if I had the chance. = w=

Kiss From a Rose

A fanart for the upcoming Valentines day, and a possible challenge submission. The anime featured here is called 'Revolutionary Girl Utena' and I just started watching this anime and thus far. It's awesome. Usually I steer away from animes that include yuri (yes, they're both female), but I became really interested in this anime because of the beauty and storyline. <3

When it's completed, I shall title it 'Kiss From a Rose'---which I think is a horribly appropriate title when you think about it...

The next drawing I'd like to start working on after this one is a fanart of Prince Nuada Silverlance, from Hellboy II. The guy is so damn gorgerous, I just have too. <3

Also, the Joker WIP I've been working on is complete! So when you have the chance, feel free to check it out.

Another Joker update. :3

Here's another update to my current WIP, Nurse Joker. <33

Joker-tastic. x3

This is an update to my previous WIP, Nurse Joker. I'm aiming for a little semi-realism here...


Just a little doodle of me, sitting at a computer. xD

Drawn 'cause I was drawing a bunch of other things and I got sidetracked.

I might post some more doodles later, if I'm not too busy.