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Ulquihime:Forbidden Embraces



I Nostalgia-ed All Over the Place...

I'm on a roll lately. Returned to TheO, Updated my DA and now...NOW I returned to Gaia Online. Spent most of the night transferring all of my stuff back to my first and main account. Why did I have so many accounts again? Lol

Hoping to advertise TheO over there too. Maybe it'll generate a bit more traffic for TheO!

Magic FTW...

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...even if the answers to the questions didn't point out the obvious answer, I would almost certainly be some kind of magic class anyhow. Lol

Chillin like a Villain...

So Hurricane Sally wasn't as destructive as I thought she might be. Thankful for that! ...though they're already talking about the next possible cyclone. I got as much yard work done as I could during the downtime. Ahhh Florida life. 45 minutes from the coast is both a curse and a blessing. Lol!

I did very little online today other than post a new confession over on my other blog. Still trying to get the traffic up over there.

Now it's time for some Marvel and a dose of aromatherapy on the side.

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I'm Glad I Can Swim

So update on Sally.

I was up a few times last night huddled in the hallway due to tornado warnings. At one point there were three...did you see that? THREE tornadoes touched down close to our location. Luckily one burned out before it got quite to us (Thank GOD. We were directly in it's path according to Tornado HQ) And the other two went around.

The tornado activity seems to have calmed now. We're still under watches but looking at the radar we're pretty far out from any red for now. Should be okay.

As for the rain and wind? I'm glad I can swim. The picture below is of the high area of our property. I haven't looked out at the pond. I'm to scared to. we're on flood warning for the next few days. Yay. /sarcasm

We lost a tree so far to wind, hopefully that will be all we lose. Still days of rain left to go though so we'll see.

It's Just a Little Rain

So, as I am sure everyone knows, Hurricane Sally has hit land. What everyone does not know? I live in the Florida Panhandle. That means lots of rain, wind, and an all day tornado watch.

So far it hasn't kicked up to much of a fuss but it's only a Cat-One.

The dogs, however, are going insane. They bark at the thunder, they bark at items blowing in the wind, and they refuse to go out in the rain to take a poo. At first it was funny, not so much now. If I have to pick up one more pile of poop, I may explode.

Death due to improper location of the evacuation of a dog's intestines. Not a shiner for a gravestone epitaph. Hell of a story though! lol

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