Hi there! and welcome to my world. i'm shan chan ^_^ nice to meet/see you!
there's some infor bout me

fave anime:black butler,yugioh(all of them),pokemon,bleach, and many others

fave char: Yugi(yugioh), yami/atum(?)(yugioh),Ash(pokemon),Ciel(black butler),Grell(black butler),ichigo(bleach),Grimmjow(bleach),Jaden(yugioh gx),chazz(yugioh gx),yusei(yugioh 5d's),Yuma(yugioh zexal),and so many others

my oc: Kyo long(my 1# one), cre,zane(2th one),shan ali( my newest one), and Ra-kun(name after Ra, god of the sun),Spar, eilz, Moco, kai, William,Siel(base on ciel from black butler), Co.,Mo, Val, Shara, lee-lee,Kevin, many others.

My fave ocs(some I love better than others//I'm a bad mommy//):Kevin, Kyo long,Zane lat,cre lat, Ra-kun, Shan Ali, Siel, William, many others

what i look like: short black hair, I wear dark colors, i only shorts or jeans.my shirts are dark colors, I'm tomboyish. i'm the oldest of two, me and my little bro.

more infor: I love cookies! i hate the color pink and light colors(sorry) I like black or dark colors

i'll post werid things and i love crossover stories and yoai!(some times yuri)
My boy friend is mike aka as undertakercosplay to this site. i love to draw
~Shan chan~

bad person

hello dearies been a long while long story some hack me....i'm sorry

being a child of divorce

hi guys... I saw my dad today after 3 years or so... My ma and pa been divorce for about 16 years now? ( maybe 15) so Pa been good he go a good job...he no longer get sick as much. I'm almost as tall as him!....i can't see until the end of the year...I'm 17 years old i'm over the damn divorce....but my 11 year old kid bro who just found out four years ago, is still not over it...My poor bro.....he was crying as our dad was leaveing hugging him was all I can do...
shay(bro): can i have a hug?

....Divorce....it hurts....


I live for a other day
so sadly a other piece of my soul is taked away.

something i say