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FMA Big Bang

I am sorry I haven't been around a lot recently. Believe it or not, I have been still nosing through everyone's journals. I just haven't had time to post stuff. My job has been so stressful recently. Some times I feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Working with crazy people really can make you crazy lol.

Anyway, I just thought I'd promote this years FMA Big Bang! Cause FMA is freaking great. Like it needs it hehe. This year is a reverse Big Bang actually. Which is pretty awesome. I was gonna post this early but I got distracted. I know, I suck. Ah well. It's up to the time of the writers now, sorry artists. But go write stuff guys! Whether it be on deviantART, live journal or here!!

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And just to get everyone in the mood for some more FMA, my fav Roy/Riza vid! Cause come on, they are practically cannon.


Just had a horrible night at work. Not that anyone probably reads this anymore lol. But ah well, at least I can complain. Had two patients get into a fight, one got all bloody and had to deal with that, another one sent to the ER for different reasons. And the girl I was working with in my wing, who I usually like to work with, had a major attitude all day. Especially when I had to leave the unit to deal with all the random chaos going on. That isn't my damn fault. I can't help it I'm the shift supervisor in the evening. For fucks sake, she used to be a nurse too, she knows better.

Working with the dementia patients makes me crazy enough dealing with their crazy ( I get beat on in a daily bases, for real), but it's 10x worse having staff give me attitude.

It's crazy, that in the evening I'm the only nurse on duty. Not counting the med techs and CNAs. I'm the only nurse. So that's a 1 nurse for like 42 patient ratio there. Stressful.


I am sorry people, but I am not finished with this rant and I have to type this somewhere before I kill someone.

My job is honestly going to drive me crazy some nights. Like yesterday. I am the only nurse on duty in the evenings. So I am in charge of the med techs and CNA's in the building, and 43 patients by myself. And as they say, when it rains it pours and everything goes wrong at the same time. It just really, really ticks me off when I have to deal with crap happening like a fight breaking out, sending someone to the ER with all the phone calls and paper work that involves, and dealing with employee attitudes. Not to mention that the patient that went out, the med tech in charge of him, didn't TELL ME what was happening. He called the delegating nurse and totally bypassed me. Uh hello? I am the building supervisor. Everything like that is supposed to come through me first. So then I look like a total retard when talking to the RN on the phone and she's telling me about calling the ER to send this guy out and I'm fucking clueless about what's going on in the first place.

This isn't the first crazy night I've had either. It's like trying to herd the damn circus some nights. Like it's not bad enough I get beat up by the dementia patients on a daily bases lol. But at least they can't help it.

I think I am seriously going to snap and tell off some of the med techs and CNAs there one night. For fucks sake. I am really trying to be patient, but it's just not working. And I know when I do snap I'll be pointed at as the bad guy.


Finally, finally! I got a new job! I can hardly believe it. I don't start until April 9th, but who cares, I got a new job! lol I can finally get away from that bitch of a manger I have. Sheesh I hate her. And I don't really hate anyone, at least not until now.

John, don't know if you'll read this or not, but I got one! I'm not sure if anyone else but you might understand how awesome this is lol.

And on a side note, I got my new glasses today too. Good day. They look sorta like Alexa-muffin's, except red wire frames, for you msn peoples lol.

Anyway, as you can guess, I'm in a great mood right now.

So fine!

Beautiful! I love spring! It's practically shorts weather this week here. Sunny, breezy, and warm, the way it should always stay lol. And as most of you know, when it gets sunny and warm and the days get longer, I cheer up considerably. I'm such a...

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Assumption Song

Okay, so this is a totally pointless post expect to post a hilarious song lol. If you haven't seen it, it's the Assumption Song, and you'll see why it's called that real quick. XD It's funny, and it'll make you laugh, so watch! I definitely...

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