So many August babies

Well I guess I only have a few things to say:

One, welcome the hell back Milky!!!!! I can’t tell you how much that brightened my day when James told me you were back. LOVE. For anyone who hasn’t already, check out her art cause she’s always been one of my fav artists and the nicest of people. Double win. Seriously, I love this woman.

Two, Happy Birthday all you August babies I missed!! I know I should be more active on here if I’m gonna keep the account right?

Anyway, happy late birthday TimeChaser (er close enough to August), Flint, James, Hiko, Mimminx, Yamchaa, and now Enin for September! Wow, why are most of the people I know on theO born in August?

Flint you sexy thing, where have you been? Anyone know?

And lastly, I really miss my Kitty. I think she has moved on and grown past the need to come to me with her troubles… or just to fangirl and be nerds together. And that makes me very sad. I can’t even express how much I’ve missed her in my life for a while now. My sunshine and my shoulder to cry on. It makes me feel like a very important part of my life is up and gone. So, if you happen to wander by and see this, I miss you.

Okay, I’ll stop emo-ing now. Happy b-day poppets and I hope you enjoyed your month.