Old school

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How is everyone this fine Monday? Way too happy for a Monday, I know, no booing now.

So I had my first day of jury duty today. And we lucked out. We went through like 4 cases in a half an hour with plea bargains. Apparently just the presence of a jury will make people plead guilty. So I was there a totally of like, an hour. Score for me.

Oh yeah, and kalynnchan made me a Sebastian icon. It turned out excellent too. He and it are so pretty! I am using the icon too if you haven’t noticed? ^_^

I’m cleaning out old files on my computer since I might be getting a new one soon and found tons of old school myO stuff. I’m way too sentimental to get rid of any of it, especially since a lot of the graphics were gifts from users lol. So since my birthday is coming up soon and once upon a time September used to be Shannytember I’m going to post some of those old pics.

Mainly, because I’m sappy, and two; some people might be like, hey I remember that! Or I made that!

So sentimental pic #1 is a banner.

This is waaaay back to the beginning of theotaku. Anyone besides SG remember this? lol I don't even remember how many of the Panda's Pirates there were. o_O