Birthday Post

It’s officially my birthday! And I feel I should tell you the rule for today.

No one, for any reason, is allowed to be sad or depressed on the 25th.

You got that? It’s an order! Everyone is to smile and be happy today! Or at least pretend lol. But seriously, smile and by happy today! Shanny loves you! Isn’t that enough? If not, stfu, get off my page. If I see any negative emotions today that is entitled to a major glomping, or at least licking punishment from me.

I posted my first digital art yesterday; check it out [here]. Random much? Check. Come on, you know you wanna see it. Who doesn’t love Shampoo.

We’re still in the nostalgic pics, yo!

Old School pic #3, the SOE slogan!

External Image

Okay, so only a few of you might remember the Save Our Evil campaign. It was all for Evil, well her username used to be Color Me Evil, although it’s changed now lol. I remember fighting so hard against someone using the Color Me Evil title for a club or something, but I can’t remember what the whole thing was against anymore LOL. I think I remember the user we were protesting though.

Oh man, weren’t we a bunch mean girls?