Haha, just thought I'd let you know I'm still staying here to lurk. xD Just no more art. Sorry I haven't responded to anyone, I've been busy studying for AP exam and stuff. D: Which is in two days. crap


Well, lol, yes, I did create a world just to announce I'm leaving. xD I just thought nobody would even bother reading the updates world. >0>

Anyways yea... leaving the site. It's a hassle to repost the same art on several different sites, so I'm quitting this one as well as another, and sticking mostly to deviantART.

I dunno, I never really felt that welcome here. ^^; I didn't feel like I fit in, and the only person I knew all that well was Koruji. So honestly, I have no sort of sad feelings for leaving or anything. >_>

I doubt anyone will care that I'm leaving, or even read this, but yea, I'm sorry. ^^; Feel free to follow me on dA if you wish to see my art... I deleted everything that's on here already

Bye-bye. |D