This is a world where my story, Shelah, will be posted. I'll put the intro into this world soon... If you have any suggestions to improve, please tell me via private message. Or comment, if you prefer.


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Okay , this accually has nothing to do with the story. I just kinda set things straight. I didn't mean for this to turn into a Twilight fanfic, and might be redoing the story. But I wanted to get your opinion. Should I redo the story?

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Chapter 1: What a Strange Dream...

In the blackness of the night sky, stars start to fall.

So pretty... I'm so easily memorised, but it was true. They left beautiful streaks of silver and gold, a memory of their passing.

Wait... That one looks a little too close... I was right. I got out of the way just in time so I wouldn't be crushed. But something was wrong... It didn't look like a rock... It looked too... metallic. I knew it wasn't anything found on earth.


a strange creature emerges from the metal lump. When it looked at me, i noticed it had glowing red eyes. I felt a wave of fear course through my body....

BRRRRRIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!! Oops... I slept in again.

"MAIKA! GET DOWN HERE!" My best friend was downstairs, and didn't like it when i slept late.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I'LL BE RIGHT DOWN!" My voice was wavering from the fear left over from the dream.

What's wrong with me? It was just a dream...

"Gosh, what takes you so long?"

"Well, so~rry, SOME of us actually need to sleep at night."

My friend(Maria) and I have a big secret: We're both vampires! Well, SHE is, anyway. I'm only half-vampire. We are living with the Cullens -- much to my dismay -- mostly because Maria talked me into it. I honestly don't like living here, what with the mind reading vamp, Edward, but where else are we supposed to go?

Alice came bounding down the stairs, seeming exited about something, but stopped dead -- no pun intended -- when she saw my expression.

"Hey, you look a bit troubled... What's wrong?" Another thing I don't like about living here: They're all too observant.

"It's nothing, just a bad dream." I hoped no one could see through my simple explination.

"Oh, ok then, get this!!" Apparently, no one could. "There's a meteor shower tonight! Isn't that great?"

I froze where I stood. I realized what happened in my dream was going to happen.TONIGHT. Like in my dream, a sudden wave of fear rolled off my body...


Shelah: Intro

Maika Katuscha was an ordinary girl desperate for adventure. When a UFO lands right in her backyard (literally), she gets just that. The strange spacecraft came through a black hole into her dimension, and is now being chased by alien police, under suspicion of harboring a fugitive; and to make matters worse, she's accused of being involved with a brutal murder...

This is the intro of my new story, Shelah. It's not complete, but i'm gonna work on it during christmas vacation. ^.^ hope u like!!


P.S. the 'fugitive' is Shelah, but she won't come up until the first chapter... so keep reading!!