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My Sweetest

When I look into your eyes my heart skips a beat.
Just the sight of you swipes me off my feet.
You are my sunshine you are my sweet.

When I think of you my knees get weak.
When you are near I can’t even think.
You are my sunshine you are my sweet.

You are my sweetest piece of chocolate.
You are my one and only slice of cake.
You are my sunshine you are my sweet.

Then within a few minutes you are gone.
I feel so alone so out shown.
But you are still my sweetest you are still my sunshine.
You are still my slice of chocolate cake.

Ryou part 5

Ryou hits the gas pedal and we speed off back onto the highway. “Ryou what happened? W-why did that happen? What’s happing to me?” I asked trying to keep myself awake and calm as sudden panic hit me once more.
“Satomi you’re a demon to but the only difference between you and other demons is that you’re not just a demon you’re a demon hunter.” I was shocked by this, a demon hunter how did Ryou know this and not me? I didn’t know what was happing but before I could ask him anymore I pass out and all I remember is Ryou cussing under his breath. Nero wakes up to the blinding light of the sun and he blocks his eyes with his hand. “This is going to be fun. I should go get him now…” Nero gets up and brushes himself off. He then heads back into the city letting Ryou and Satomi flee.
Back at the city Nero searches for someone and finds him where he originally started the fires that caused the explosion. “Hello Naoto” Nero says calmly. Naoto looks back at him “Nero your late that’s unlike you. Did you run into a problem?” Naoto smirks teasing him. Nero glares at Naoto “don’t think that lowly of me. I had to chase after that stupid angle he has Kyo with him” Naoto’s eyes widen with shock “Nero don’t tell me that little brat that’s always around Ryou is….” Nero nods “you have been around Kyo all year and you didn’t even know how pathetic.” Nero folds his arms and looks away as Naoto glares and sighs. “It may be difficult to separate them now.”
The sun blared in my eyes I hear worried voices I slowly open my eyes to see girls a group of them and their fussing over something but I couldn’t tell what it was. So I got out of the car and hear a familiar voice “now now ladies calm down no need to fuss so much” it was Ryou he was always picking up girls. I sighed knowing this may take awhile. I walked over to him pushing my way past the girls “Ryou we need to go.” I growled and he laughed “to where?” he smirked and then I noticed this wasn’t Ryou….
To be continued….

(this is the last part of the story ive wrote so far and idk if ill continue it but thanks for reading)

Ryou part 4

“Who am I? Who are you?” he asked and jumped down from a tree leaves fly up around him as he lands in a leaf pile by the tree as he looked at me with a smirk his white hair framing his face perfectly. I noticed it was Nero the one who’s hunting down Ryou he had found us. I was scared to death now that he was here and I had no way of saving Ryou from him. Nero had a sword on his back and his arm was unusually blue. This sent chills down my spine just seeing him and then seeing his sword and odd arm just made things even worse for me. “Why are you with Ryou?” he smirked and stepped closer and I stepped back running into the car. It was really cold the metal on the car, it gave me goose bumps and I couldn’t help but notice that my heart was now racing with fear. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Nero’s arm it was so odd how it was blue. When he noticed I was staring at it he smirked and lifted his arm so I could see it better. “It’s a demon arm I am half demon…this arm helps me defeat many kinds of enemies it’s called the devil bringer” he smirks while saying the name then continues “and nothing can cut threw it or harm it ether.” he said calmly the smirk still playing on his lips. Nero suddenly moved back as Ryou wakes up and steps out of the car.

“Nero!” Ryou shouts as he glares at him “stay away from Satomi!” Ryou rushes in front of me protectively and I look at him.
”Ryou,” I was scared for my life by this point but Ryou looks back at me and his eye confident and calm and with a sweet smile he simply says
“Don’t worry Satomi I won’t let him hurt you.” Nero smirks as if he was just dared to do something to simple and he pulls out his sword getting ready to attack Ryou and me. Before he could move though Ryou summons his wings they fly up into the air his wings were big and black but they looked beautiful they shone perfectly in the early morning sky and he look absolutely amazing with his wings unlike any god or goddess with them. Then out of nowhere without any words being said they run towards each other starting to fight Nero’s sword flinging through the air Ryou’s wings flapping in the wind it was almost like they were dancing a strange but elegant dance. I jump as Ryou yells in pain a chill being sent down to my bones; Nero had cut his arm it didn’t look to bad but the look of pain lingered on Ryou’s face as the blood quickly ran down his arm from the wound. Before I knew it I was filling with strong rage. My hair started to grow longer and turn white as my whole body was changing as this rage filled me heating my very core I close my eyes as the pain grew and Nero chuckles “he’s finally awaking.” Ryou glared at Nero throwing a punch at him but Nero blocks it grabbing Ryou’s hand before it made contact with his face then he looks back at me. “Kyo….Demon eyes Kyo” Nero says his eyes shining. I start to chuckle feeling power flow through me filling me with the power to fight. I open my eyes that are now blue and red then within a blink of an eye Nero was flung across the highway crashing through trees and buildings. Ryou rushes back into his car “Satomi!” I look at him feeling dizzy and tired not wanting to flee but I get back into the car as I start turning back into my normal self once again.

Ryou part 3

“Hey Satomi I have something to tell you.” Ryou says in a quiet voice. I look at him wondering what he had to say when out of nowhere we hear a big bang coming from the front yard….
We run to the yard to figure out what the big bang was. We saw that half the city was on fire! In the mix of the fire the panic the loud sounds we could see a guy standing in the middle of the fire laughing. I looked at Ryou scared “Ryou w-what’s going on?” Ryou also looked scared but it only showed in his eyes. Next thing I knew Ryou grabbed my hand and was rushing out of his house and to his car. “Ryo, where are we going?” I asked as I got into the passenger seat.
“Anywhere but here” Ryou speeds out of his parking lot and down the street pushing his car to go as fast as it can fire blazing all around us.”Satomi…remember what I was going to tell you before that big explosion happened?” I nod waiting for him to continue holding onto my seat belt scared of the cars top speed more than anything right about then. “Well I was going to tell you that I’m a fallen angel and that guy who made the explosion his name is Nero, and he’s trying to kill me.” Ryou had a very calm face for someone that’s being hunted. I was shocked at this and I didn’t know what to say or how to respond to what Ryou had just told me, I couldn’t believe that this whole time Ryou was really a fallen angel. I couldn’t help but wonder how long this hunt has gone on considering Ryou was laughing and having fun speeding down the highway.

A few hours later I wake up from sleep. Was all that a dream? My eyes heavy and sore from the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. I look around and notice that it’s early morning and the sun was just now coming up. We are parked in a parking lot at a rest stop on the side of the highway. “I guess it wasn’t a dream” I thought to myself. I looked over at Ryou and he was peacefully asleep. I smile at this site; it was rare to see him looking so peaceful. Then I heard laughing and I got out of the car looking around the cold morning air hitting my face as the wind calmly blows past me moving my hair from my eyes for me. “Hello? Who’s there?” I asked kind of scared of whom or what was watching us.

Ryou part 2

A tragic fire had stolen the life of my family; I was the only saved that night. Being only five when this had happened I couldn’t really remember what they had looked like or what had happened to start the fire. Feeling really lonely I walked around trying to find Ryou but he was nowhere in sight and somehow I ended up in the colleges library. “Whoa.” That was all I was able to say. This library was huge books on top of books and what topped it off was that it was two stories tall. Seeing all these books got me remembering my latest accomplishment and important goal of mine it was to keep our town library up and running I had help make it bigger and with a lot more books. I thought I had made the biggest library in our town but I was wrong. Suddenly I hear chuckling behind me which made me jump and I look around to see who it was and a smile crawled onto my face as I see the figure standing in the door way. “Hey Ryou,” Ryou smirked at me.
“You would be the one to find the library” he said calmly. I nod as he pulled me out of the library “come on Satomi were going to be late!” Ryou rushed us out of the library and to the graduation floor. That night ended up being one of my bests, I was so happy to finally graduate. After graduation I went with Ryou to his place, once inside he handed me a controller come on let’s play a round of mortal Kombat.
Mortal Kombat has been Ryou’s and mine favorite game for awhile now, we could play all night long stopping only for bathroom breaks. Then suddenly it dawned on me, I was supposed to be angry at Ryou. I had caught him smoking a few weeks before. But slowly I realized that Ryou was my best friend and that even though I did not support his smoking I couldn’t just ignore him and act like he wasn’t my friend. I had owed him for saving me back then and I admired our friendship too much to let this be the end