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I'm Shen. Nice to meet you.

Occupation: Computer and Electrical Engineering Student
Work: IEOP teacher (I teach foreigners how to speak english...not good)
I don't know what else you want to know?

If you need help at all, I'd be happy to help. I know a lot about programming and overall how this works, considering I've been here for years and I'm going to school for computer engineering. So, I hope you enjoy your stay and that I don't offend you.

I was weak. Thats why I needed you...needed someone to punish me for my sins...but thats all over now...I know the truth.
-James Sunderland: Silent Hill 2

Being an Adult

I have completed the cleaning. Oh memorial day, I'm gonna have a very boring day with you and I am so happy about that. I hung out with my brother and his friends on Saturday and that was...interesting. I was the only one that was somewhat sober. It was pretty funny. But again, I was the oldest of them all so really was it that surprising?

But now I have a cold and that makes it really hard to do anything. Even though I have laundry to put away. The worst part of laundry is folding. Ugh, I have folding.


How did I used to entertain myself? I feel like I don't know how to internet anymore. For reals.


My account is over a decade old and I missed it! T-T

The Current Life

College - Graduated
Job - Acquired
Apartment - My own
Car - Mostly my own, had to have my father co-sign

That's right. I'm now 24 and a proper adult. I have gone past my own mental disorders and now have a job at a school district as an IT Consultant. I Enjoy my apartment and have my own money to do with as I please. That's not to say this is my first EVER job, because I've always had a job. I'm just happy because I am completely unrelient to my parents. I live in an apartment with my own money, take care of my cat with my own money, own a car with my own money, and I live with my own money!

I'm thinking to write about some of the funny things I see because of two good reasons. One: I'm IT. And Two: I work in an elementary school. Those kids can be so cute!

Weekend from Hell

Yeah, and you know most of it wasn't even that bad! I mean seriously, I was going home for a god damn wedding for a couple I knew in high school. The wedding was great, and I got to talk to a lot of people I hadn't seen in years! I even found out about a reunion happening soon. Hopefully its where I recommended because they have good prices and the best beer.

So I go out drinking and I go to the casino and help my friend win $100. All around it was a good night.

Then Saturday. I find out my cousin was molested by a neighbor who was wanted somewhere else for doing the same thing. The only reason we found out was because she had been cutting herself. It was a shock. And I'm sure my brother still doesn't know. And then we found out that an old family friend broke their femur and had to have surgery to fix it. So that's what happened Saturday and Sunday. Dealing with family and surgery and all those things.

Monday morning right before I leave to go back to Ames, I find out my sister is now engaged. The same women that always told me she was never going to marry is engaged to the guy my father doesn't like most of all the boyfriends she has had.

All I wanted was news that someone wanted to give me an interview for a job and here I get all this instead. It was a roller-coaster, but hopefully it all ends well. Ugh.