Westboro Baptist Church

If any of you know what this is, skip to the second paragraph. For everyone else, here is a quick summary. The Westboro Baptist Church is a church in Topeka, Kansas. They are anti-gay, anti people for gays, anti-military, anti-jews, anti-any other religion, and anti-brittney Spears. ...okay, the last one was a little off, but heres the gist of them. They believe that god hates everyone. Yes, everyone. Especially America, Ireland, Sweden, and Canada. They are most known for protesting at funerals, especially military funerals. They have signs that say thank god for 9/11, thank god for DUI's, thank god for dead soldiers, God hates f**s, and god hates Jews. They have told broadcasters on international television that the broadcaster isn't Christian. Yet, they say that they don't hate America, but god does.

Second paragraph time. I have studied the bible, just like I have studied all religions that are well known, like buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Greek and Roman Mythology so that I don't sound ignorant when I argue against them. So when I say something about the bible, I really know what I'm talking about. These people are definitely not reading the bible correctly at all. There are several references to God loving all man kind in three books in the old testament, and multiple others in the new testament, all conveyed by Jesus Christ himself. There are references to love thy neighbor, and that forgiveness shall let you in to the glory and wonder of heaven upon death.

The church seems to just skip over these all together. The worst part of it is, that none of them have any mental illness, or lower IQ's. They are just influenced. Most of them see the logic in what they are doing. They think that it is perfectly logical to think these things and do these things. The problems of being a social creature is that we are easily influenced depending on certain things. I do not agree with what they are doing in the least, but I do not think of them as having something wrong with them. I merely see them as being influenced in the wrong way. A good example of what is happening with them, is with Hitler. He convinced an entire country that the jews were not human. And he destroyed them...which by the way, the Westboro Baptist church thinks was a great thing...and a lot of people, normal people, believed him. It just makes my heart cry to see these people not understanding what is really being said to them. That they are just blindly following like most people in this and any other country. All because we are social creatures of persuasion.

Sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest. They said something recently that I just couldn't hold my unending anger at them in and I needed to rant about them. For those of you that want to know, I'm atheist, if that wasn't obvious enough. Alright, thats all I got to say.