Silent Hill Reprise

I got my laaaab done, I got my laaab done. Oh ya! Oh ya! Anyway, I actually have something I want to talk about! That would be the Silent Hill series, and more specifically, Silent Hill 2. If you hadn't noticed from my background, the biggest concept from the entire series is pyramid head. Its not like he is the same character in all of the games, either, he signifies something different in them all. I think thats why he is such an iconic figure for it. By the way, somewhat of a spoiler alert (just in case).

In the second one, for those who don't know, Pyramid head is the evil, angry, and masculine pent up side of the main character. He was supposed to be the way for the player to piece things together about not just the character your playing, but about the town itself. Thats a lot of what the series is truly about, is you piecing together what the town is all about, not the actual characters.

Another thing I've kinda noticed about it is that its more like an art piece (for the early games anyway) in that the artist might have a set thing that the game represents, but people can have their own theories as to what it is. Like, I personally think that Silent Hill is a sort of purgatory that people go to after they die, and they have things that they regret or sinned happen over and over and over. I also think that peoples Silent Hill cross over into others.

Personally, I also think the series is much better than Final Fantasy VII, mainly because FF VII is long and they had unneeded quests. The only thing that was memorable to me was the ending and the "message" of the game. Ocarina of time is my best game of all time, followed by, surprise, Silent Hill 2. So, I am going to watch the movie now, because I haven't seen it for a very long time and I can't remember most of it except for the ending. Such a sad ending...