My ears are BLEEDING

My first post in a while and it has to be about friend made me listen to the worst Fan fiction ever put on this planet. There is a person that actually reads these out loud so you don't have to, your just forced to listen.

My friend made me listen to one about dragon ball Z earlier. It was terrifying and I didn't think she could make me hear anything worse. I was HORRIBLY wrong. If you have ever heard of My Immortal the know what I mean. Its a Harry Potter fan fiction and it is...well I don't think there is a word to describe it.

This repugnant monstrosity is, as you might have guessed, a Harry Potter fan fiction. So most would think that the fan would write about an OC being in love with Harry or Draco, or using them in some homo fashion. Well, you would be right about ALL of it. Oh, and SPOILER she makes Draco a vampire.

Now Rain, you're being so mean about it! You can't just call it a terrifying trepidation, that would hurt the writers feelings. Well, thats sad for them, especially since they are a self proclaimed goth. Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Why you may ask? She insults EVERYONE. She says in it that blondes are ugly, she ruins slipknot, good charlotte, and Linkin Park, she insults the entire gothic way of life, and she says in there after the main character finds out that Draco has had sex with Harry "You probably have AIDs anyway!"

It defied physics, the idea of being a vampire(i.e. vampires slitting their wrists and blood coming out), it constantly contradicted itself, and on top of that she never even read the books and was just going off the movies, which I wouldn't have a problem with BUT, and was getting them WRONG! It was so non-canon that it made it feel like I was bleeding from my ears.

But now I'm amazed at myself because I actually want to find out just how far the rabbit hole goes. Wish me luck on my endeavor.