The God Dilemma

This was from a question off Opinionaided. Probably one of the more deeper conversations I've had over there. This is an example of some of my feelings regarding religion and my experience growing up with it. I edited the grammar to make a bit easier to read for your eyes.

Question: My mind can't get past the idea that science is behind our existence, but my heart is of the God fearing kind. Does anyone else have this dilemma?

Me: I used to feel the same way when I was younger. Not to sound too negative, but if you see all these troubles around the world and throughout history with violence and hatred spreading about.. where's the judgment and punishing? I don't see a supernatural force doing anything. I basically see people hurting and killing each other. I don't see a god's judgment.

BT: I, on the other hand, see the little acts of kindness, sharing, love, and generosity. I try not to read or watch much news because the media focuses too much on the negative (murders and parents hurting their children). I show too much empathy. Those heinous acts really mess me up emotionally. If I had a wish, it would be that I could save the day and help them like a superhero. However, I have hope that with 7 billion people on earth, the good will not only even out the bad, but overcome it. Then I wonder if we didn't have the idea of God, what would keep everyone from killing each other? With no moral code of some sort, would we turn into monsters?

Me: I am definitely for peace and forgiveness. I just wished the world didn't rely too much on violence to get things done. I'm sure that there are better and more efficient ways to handle conflicts without bloodshed. I wished that there was something there (almost supernatural) that maintained some sort of order in everyone, but I just don't see it in reality. It's like me, as a toddler, hoping for Santa to leave presents, but in the end it was my parents tricking me. What I learned throughout my 12+ years born into a religious school was that supposedly, the image of god is in everyone and we should all strive to become like Jesus. Pardon my pessimism though, but I hardly experienced anybody acting like Jesus in high school. I, being the least religious ideally, was one of the more religious morally. I just had to ramble because there's a lot of people like that who abuse their faith and ignore it without being completely honest about how they truly feel about it.

BT: I completely agree! I've never been the pessimistic kind, but I understand and empathize with those who are. Then again, I pretty much empathize with anyone.. Except baby killers. Those kinds of people unleash so much rage inside of me that it could set the world ablaze!

Thanks, Breezy T!