This is my idea of a tO world that copies Twitter
This is my mini-post world or whatever.

What to talk about...

I just can't keep my hands off this place. Glad to see some familiar faces again!
Anyways, I'll just make a list of things that I have to talk about.
So much has happened within these last two (maybe even three) something years. It's nuts!

I graduated college with a BSN in Nursing.
I'm not afraid of dating anymore. I found someone new!
I left my old night-shift job. More details later.
I got better and slightly more respectable in fighting games.
My fandom for Perfume tripling within a span of weeks.
My room got remixed and it's more of a geek heaven.
I'm getting back into gaming and I already pre-ordered a PS4!
I have to study my butt off these next 40 something days for my N-CLEX.
I plan to go back to school in two years for my MSN.

I guess tomorrow or something, I'll randomly choose one of these topics and post more about in the blog!

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Not to sound too dramatic or anything, but I just happened to find this place again.
I always wanted to return to making personal blogs.

I do have a Tumblr, but I'm 90% sure that most of my followers would rather see me post funny Perfume related gifs.
Am I home? I have so much to talk about. Feel free to talk to me!

My Reaction

So I thought this guy asked a decent medical riddle, but I'm let down and dumbfounded by more religious nonsense. Maybe I should've taken a closer look at the picture he posted w/ the question…

My angry reply: Are you joking…? You posted this riddle of a question in the Health & Fitness category… I thought that this would be a relevant medical question. Next time, post these religious riddles in the Religion, Philosophy & Science category instead of giving us a false answer contrary to my pathophysiology and epidemiology sources.

Pinochio Inception

Here's another one of those interesting questions from Opinionaided, however this is more of a riddle and brain teaser:

If Pinochio said, "My nose will grow now," what would happen?

My answer:
If Pinochio said that his nose will now grow, that would be considered a lie because his nose needs lies to grow. He can't just say that his nose will grow with his own prediction. This statement will result in his nose growing, however since his nose did grew, he essentially said the truth in a way. So I'm guessing that this double negative situation will cancel each other out, leaving Pinochio with a normal sized shnoz.

Life Like This