More XBL Hate - Crit 04

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Old image, but pretty much the same content.

Yesterday, I lost a match during an endless battle and left 5 seconds early right AFTER I was beat, game over. Mind you, I didn't leave in the MIDDLE of the fight like most people.
Just because I wanted to save time and go to the XBL lobby just to play Castle Crashers w/ my friends, who were waiting for me, the fool gets mad and decides to flame at me 2x. Logical?
It wasn't even a ranked match, where it actually kinda counts. Getting a bit tempered over that, I can somewhat understand..
But just to get berated at just because I didn't want to wait for loading screens, I don't get it.

This is on the same level as that guy who unnecessarily talked trash about my C. Viper. That time, I didn't skip the you lose part.
I love the XBL community. Using overused curse words to win an argument really adds soo much strength to the reasoning behind it.
If the moronic people only knew that not ALL people play competitively on the same level. My profile clearly states Recreation for my gamer zone.
Also I had LEGENDARY LOSER as my title. You think that you'll play against a good person w/ that title on?

I wished I could see how the people who berate me handle my college workload and the time I put into my future profession. You know, the stuff that should really matter to most people.
Only a decent sized net of people can get paid playing games competitively. Let's see if my haters can actually earn a stable income out of doing that.

Thanks, haters for restating everything about my terrible C. Viper that I already know about in the rendition of a young immature git whose dictionary only consists of slander r/t vagina and stool synonyms.