Surgery day - April

"Come on, April!" I`m standing alone in the snow. I turn around and see my sister, Canom, in the doorway.

"Coming." One last look, as the car disapears and I head back in. It may be the last time I see him.

"April." My mother calls. She`s in the kitchen.

"Ya, mom?"

"Dinner`s ready. Go get changed." I know she can tell something`s up.


I head up the stairs, down the hall, and to my room. After changing into my nightgown, I walk to the bathroom. I run some cold water and wash my hands and face. I look into the mirror. My face looks clean enough. I leave the bathroom and head downstairs.

As I`m going down, I think about school. I`m starting at Juilliard in September; 10 hours drive away.

I sigh and sit down at the table. After grace and dinner, I brush my teeth, and then hide away in my room for the rest of the night.

I`m awakened at 3:52am. It`s Jake calling my cell phone.


"They can take away my pain, they can take away my leg, yet they can never take you away."

I smile. " Thank you, Jake."