Ever 17

Hello! It's been a while. I have no idea if anyone would even pay attention to this space anymore, but I needed a nice place to write about all this, so here I am! Feel free to read or not. I don't play too many visual novels. Probably the ...

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January's Video Games

Posted this on the Bookface, so hey, it goes here, too. I plan to make this a monthly thing. Hooray! Note: Since originally posting this, I have completed Analogue: A Hate Story, but expanded thoughts will still go in my February ...

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My 2012 in Gaming

I posted this on Facebook. I guess people here would be interested, too? --- I play video games. Probably too many! These are the games I completed in 2012 and what I thought of them. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword...

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I am spending my birthday marking down a bunch of anime to show off what a dork I am.

Anime Meme - Check the anime list, add an “x” if you have seen at least a full episode of the anime or “xx” if you have seen the whole series. Add your sub-total at the end of each anime category, in the end if your total i...

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Remember to vote!

If you are of age (and live in the U.S. obvs lolololol) and you don't vote, we can't be friends! Ever! :D