Ewan: Ewan the shiny Eevee here!

Mia: And I'm the newbie, I suppose. Mia the Milotic, but really, you can call me anything you'd like. *wink*

Me: ...

Ewan: Well... This is our world, and we're happy to have you here! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to—

Mia: It's so hot in here. *begins stripping*

Me: Aaaand there's nothing to see here. *ahem* Sorry. They're a bit... difficult to handle.

Mia: *eye roll*

Ewan: *shuffles feet*

Me: Enjoy your stay, and try to tolerate these two nutjobs.

Mia & Ewan: HEY!

Mia: Twit.

Ewan: *sigh* Carry on...

Ewan's Profile :3

Ewan's Voice (Shawn) and Singing

Mia's Profile

Mia's Voice (Asami) 4:15-4:35, Singing 1 & Singing 2

Playlists (IN-PROGRESS)

So I'm practically a goldfish. In the process of writing a post for Ewan *GASP* IT'S HAPPENING, I became increasingly distracted (while I should have been working on a statistics paper this whole time but oh well). So I found myself listening to random music and figured hey, why don't I try to make a playlist for my bbys.
This is super in-progress though.

Weight of Living Pt. II by Bastille
Run by Daughter

Demons by Imagine Dragons
Mountains by Yuna


Icarus by Bastille

Secret Santa PGR Wishlist!!

Here are uh several options. But if you think of anything super dooper interesting, go for it!!! ^-^ EWAN Ewie and Secret Santa cuddling Ewie decorating a Christmas tree Ewie making a snowman with his Secr...

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Mia's Relationship Map!

*Even if she “has not met” someone, she knows all about every Gijinka in the mansion as well as every Gijinka criminal. She did a lot of reading files during her active position in Team Plasma (and keep in mind she still in kinda in th...

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Helios Geron Profiles (Complete)

HEY SO I FINISHED THEM NINE PROFILES YAY OH MY GOD NINE ENJOY Name: Lucian Axelrod Nicknames: Lucy (he hates this with a fiery passion) Gender: Male Age: 23 Birthday: 12 March ...

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Um... New Character Thingy.. yeah.



Sylveon but

(Sydney has a problem)

Because the gijinka I'd like to use for the next plot is from the first gen.
But she lives in the Kalos (or mostly does) and would have a megaevolution (if we're even doing those).

And Ewie is going to evolve soon so his evolution is pretty much set there I think... Well, I thought it was approved, but honestly idk

So um.






What if

instead of an Aerodactyl
I did an Amaura?

I could keep her name and all (Because 'A' holla)

All I'd have to change is her background (and only a little bit) and her coloring


Would that be an acceptable thing to do

Because I am absolutely in love with Amaura/Aurorus's design

And they're both like fossil pokemon