Here I am starting a Tokyo Mew Mew family, just a rp world pretty much.

Members so far:
Me as Ryou Shirogane
Cloudberry As Mew Mew Ichigo
enternalsnow54 As Mew Mew Lettuce
HulaBerry32 As Zakuro
inufluffy12 As mew mew pudding

Hi! I'm Aoyama Masaya!

Hello! Nice to meet you!

As i just noticed, Ryou has not put me in the introduction where the links are, but anyways, I'm Aoyama Masaya, and i should say i'm very pleased to be in this family and see you all! I know, i couldnt get a decenter picture of me since MT and ZC dont have pictures of only me, but pictures of Ichigo as well. Ha, i bet your asking, "Who is this Ichigo?" Well, she is my lover and i love her very much, and to the people out there...SHE IS MINE!! ♥

I hope you all like me. Masaya signing off.