What is Shugo Chara Tebiki World?
This is a world for Shugo Chara fans. 'Tebiki' is the Japanese word for Guide. And yes, this is a Shugo Chara guide.

What can I do here?
Here, you can learn more about Shugo Chara, read about the updates of the Shugo Chara anime and manga, watch cool Shugo Chara AMVs [Anime Music Video], meet other Shugo Chara fans, and more!! Basically, it's a Shugo Chara Fan and Guide World. Heh.

Who is the creator of this world?
The creator of this world is 'Kami-chan.x3'. This world is also on the account, 'ShugoChara Tebiki'.

Last Updated: 08.17.09